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Chicago IL: Adopt a Pair of Baby Guinea Pigs

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Subject: Chicago, IL - Adopt a Pair of Baby Guinea Pigs

Dear Friends of Petraits,        February 22, 2015                                         
Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf ...
are a family of four-week-old guinea pig babies looking for loving guardians - preferably in pairs.

Anna, Elsa and Olaf are Abyssinian like their momma and Kristoff is more of a smooth coat like his daddy. These piggies are healthy, happy, make adorable squeals, chirps, squeaks and purring noises - especially if you bring them some of their favorite foods.
Guinea pigs eat a diet of unlimited Timothy hay, limited pellets, and fresh vegetables including Romaine, red leaf, green leaf, cilantro, bell peppers. Please read up on Guinea Pig care and diet before adopting, by visiting this excellent web site

The back story. A family bought two baby guinea pigs at a local pet store which were supposed to be the same sex. Obviously they weren't.  
Luckily a representative of FCACC found out that these baby guinea pigs were about to be relinquished to Animal Control. She worked with the group to have the dad neutered so the family could keep their pets, but gave me the kids for adoption. Sadly, the momma had two litters back to back. Thanks to Charlie Propsom who advised me of the situation, these babies never entered the shelter! I brought these little piggies to the vet to double check on their sex before adopting them out. Anna and Elsa are definitely girls; Kristoff and Olaf are the males.

The guinea pig adoption fee is $35 and benefits rescued pets. I think Guinea pigs are happier in pairs, so if you adopt two guinea pigs the fee for both is only $60. Or if there are people with a guinea pig at home, that needs a friend, I can separate the pairs.

If you need a starter kit including cage, water bottle, pellets, litter, hay and everything you need to get started - that is available for $70. To meet and possibly adopt these adorable guinea pigs, please contact me directly at or 773-777-2891. They are being fostered in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood.

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