Saturday, February 28, 2015

Douglasville GA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent! Video! Tabby in the woods is a Mommy! Sweet little girl with kittens need home! She is a People Cat!

Turns out she wasn't a mommy. But she has been rescued. If I learn any details beyond that, I will add them here. Thanks to all for crossposting.

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Date: Feb 27, 2015 6:47 PM
Subject: She's a Mommy! Douglasville, GA - Sweet little girl needs home!

This just in!  The neighbors said that this little girl has babies in the woods. She's been coming to people to get something to eat, then going back out to her kittens. The kids handled one of them. 
They need rescue ASAP! 

Tina is not a cat lover. At all, at all, at all. She can't help it. They just make her shudder.
But even so, she reached out to help this beautiful girl who showed up on her walkway yesterday. The neighbor kids were playing with her, and she checked to see if any of them owned or wanted her, but they said no. 
The kitty has been sun bathing on her porch all day and slept on the porch last night. She runs away when Tina opens the door (she says that's because she's been shooing her away so much), but then works her way back onto the porch and tries to come into the house. You can see how incredibly sweet she is in this video clip (
Can anyone take her in? (Please don't ask Tina to do anything that will require her to touch the cat -- she won't!)