Thursday, February 26, 2015

Los Angeles CA: SENIOR CAT Scooter Pound Bound FRIDAY!

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Subject: Fw: LA, CA SENIOR CAT Scooter Pound Bound FRIDAY!
We all know this cat doesn't stand a chance at the shelter.  Anyone any thoughts, openings, etc.?  Please share and if anyone can help please contact Audrey at

Good morning,

My name is Audrey, and I am emailing you on behalf of my mom.
She has a cat that she rescued, who over the last year or so has begun viciously attacking her other cat. (The two previously had no problems, but as the one got older, this one - Scooter - started attacking her.) My mom is moving and has decided not to take Scooter with her - he will go to a shelter on Friday if I cannot find a home or a rescue for him.
I know rescues get countless emails every day asking for help, but I am hoping you might somehow find room for this guy. I realize this is a very difficult situation, as he would be difficult to adopt out (I think he's like 8-10 years old), and most rescues / fosters have a communal living situation. I am just trying to save a life, though.
If there is any chance you could take him, or if you know of a place that might, I would really appreciate your help. My mom is at "that point" in her life, and it is up to me to either find him a home by Friday, or take him to the shelter for her, which would break my heart. I have severe cat allergies, so unfortunately I cannot take him in.
I have emailed every rescue I could find, posted flyers, asked friends and coworkers, etc, and no one can take him. I am begging for someone to save this poor cat's life. He is very sweet to people - just not this other cat. I do realize that there are possible interventions, but it is my mom's cat and she has made up her mind that she can no longer care for him.
If your rescue could find room for him, I would gladly sponsor him and commit to a monthly donation for the life of the cat. I don't make much (I'm a public school teacher), but I will give what I can to save a life.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.