Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Memphis TN: Sweet long-leggged Puppy will be 40-50 lbs when grown - Needs Home Now

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Please see below information about this little cutie! .  Anyone interested may call Barbara Kelly at (901) 377-7622
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Forgot to add that I believe he has been an inside pup.  Dave puts him in a kennel at night and during the day while he's at work.  He'll fuss for a few minutes then quiet down and sleep. The pup will wake Dave up around 2:30 a.m. to go potty then he's ready to go back in the kennel.  He stays by Dave's side outside.  He is really insecure about being left alone outside.


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Thanks Beverly.  Here are 3 more pics.  Dave can't get him to stand still long enough to get a pic of him standing up.  When he's up, he's on the move playing.  I don't really see any Pit in him.  He's not muscular nor does he have the wide jaw.  He does have long legs and stands about to the middle of my calf.  I'm 5'4" and shrinking.  *:)) laughing

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This puppy (about 3-4 mos.) was found under my son's in-laws' car last week and appeared to be dumped.  He is adorable with silky short hair and the sweetest looking eyes that make you want to melt, but full of puppy.  He is very playful and a chewer.  He is partially house trained and just wants to be loved on constantly.  He lays across David's lap and follows him around the house.  As you can see, he is apparently taking up with our youngest grandson too.  Unfortunately Dave can't keep him as he has 3 other dogs (two are large and one is medium sized) one of which definitely doesn't like the puppy and he is afraid that he will hurt him.  Dave is also going through a divorce which is to be finalized within the next couple of weeks.  He took him to the vets yesterday to be checked for a microchip which there isn't one and the vet guesses that when fully grown he will weigh around 40-50 lbs.  T

If you know of anyone who would be interested in seeing this sweetie and possibly giving him a loving home, please call me at 901-377-7622.  If not home, please leave a message.