Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tijuana, Mexico: GOOD NEWS! Rescue in progress RE Two Chows in Urgent Need!!!!

On Feb 25, 2015 6:49 AM, "Negar Mirgoli" <> wrote:
Thank you for spreading the word.

A rescue from Washington State has stepped in to take these two dogs.

We are in the process of coordinating the crossing from Mexico and transport.

You are all wonderful and amazing folks!!

Negar Mirgoli
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6:30 AM POST 
From: "Kelly" <>
Date: Feb 25, 2015 5:00 AM
Subject: Tijuana, Mexico: Two Chows in Urgent Need!!!!
​Contact ​Negar Mirgoli
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From: Cheryl Poindexter <>

Contact Negar Mirgoli <>

February 24, 2015
Hi Cheryl,

It was nice meeting you yesterday at the donation pick-up in San Clemente.

These are the two chows that are in really bad shape in TJ who are in need of placement.  These two were picked up off the street by separate individuals who have good intentions but clearly do not have the means to take care of the animals.  They are not in my possession as I have 17 dogs of my own in our rescue.  The "TJ Rescuers" have asked for help.  I can cross them into the US if there is anyone who can take them in?

The look of despair in these animals eyes is just heart breaking! They may have had owners once upon a time but they were most likely kicked out for whatever reason, sometimes including that "the dog is not pretty anymore!" I have seem this a lot in TJ.  

Can you please help me find them a rescue in the US who is willing to take them in.

Thank you

Negar Mirgoli
Phone: 619-200-8363
Fax: 619-941-1640