Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vineland NJ: Urgent! Deadline today 2/10/15. Chico the front declawed neutered Tabby

** Chico ** 48 hours Chico the cat is a front declawed, 7 year old neutered male who was released by his family because his owner was elderly and couldn't care for him anymore. Chico did not adjust well to shelter life and has been kept in an isolated area if the shelter to keep him calm. We had a few leafs for adoption or rescue for him but nothing came from them. Chico has now been kept alone for over a month and we can't do it to him any longer. Chico is a sweet guy who would do well in a quiet home with an understanding owner. Because he was declawed, if he gets frightened or overstimulated he will try to bite, but is overall a very sweet cat who doesn't understand what happened to his life. Vineland, NJ. Please contact ccspca_foster@yahoo.com to help Chico. Please share.
Chico's owner was elderly and family took cat to shelter; he must be rescued or adopted from shelter NOW