Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dalton GA: 3/11/15 URGENT! "Champ" Dies on Friday 3/13!

From: "Katie Walter" <>
Date: Mar 11, 2015 11:22 AM
Subject: Dalton, GA - 3/11/15 Update - URGENT! - "Champ" Dies on Friday!!

CONTACT: Rita at: 706-271-7618, Email:       (at

From: Sandra's Rescue Work

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3/11/15 Update: URGENT! - Dalton, GA - "Champ" Dies on Friday!!

**Permission to cross-post!!   (Please cross post!!)

Permission is NOT granted to post to Craig's List.   Please DO NOT post to Craig's List!!!!!

3/11/15 - Please read Champ's story below, then call Rita (number below) and let her know you will take him.  He did have a home, and now he's sitting in a shelter wondering what he did to cause his family to dump him!   Show him someone cares before his last day on earth.

Please don't let him die on Friday the 13th! 

If you can't rescue or adopt, then cross-post.  If you can't take, then help sponsor, so someone can.

I will start with $50, so PLEASE others join with donations. 
Please look in his eyes and tell him that you will help him.
 This dog was dumped at shelter because of the separation anxiety.  He is a Pit Italian Greyhound mix, not very large, but is so sweet.  Very dog friendly does need to be on Prozac twice a day and have his anxieties monitored, cost is about $5/month at Wal-Mart.
He will not eat while at the shelter.  I'm going to get some canned food out there and see if I can get him to eat by hand.
I am sure Friday will be his last day, and I will take him wherever someone wants me to take him to get him out of there.  Our shelter is kennels and cages and a dog with separation anxiety will not do well there.  Needs to be in a group that has Foster homes.

He is completely vetted neutered, up-to-date on shots, has been on heartworm preventative he has seven pages of vet records out at the county dog pound.  He is about three years old. 

Please let me know if anyone can help.
My story: Please read:

Hi, my name is Champ.  I am a very small Pit, mixed with Italian Greyhound.  I really thought I was a great unusual blend when someone found me a couple of years ago and brought me home.  He decided he did not have much time for me, and so I ended up in the fenced in backyard that belong to my grandparents.  But that was okay with me at least I had a big fenced in yard and another dog to run around with.  But as I learned to love these people I never wanted to be away from them.  So I started acting out and chewing a few things when I was left alone.  I just really did not know what else to do, and I did not mean to be a bad boy.  They started me on a new pill two times a day and that did help me some, and I thought things were going along pretty well, and then one day grandpa and I went for a ride, and I ended up at this noisy place with lots of other dogs.  It really does not smell very good, and I'm pretty scared.  I don't get my two pills every day to help with my anxiety, so I have really become an unhappy boy, and I'm not eating very well.  I'm trying to be strong and brave, but I keep hearing that I may not be able to be here much longer.  I keep hearing the day Friday.  I don't know when Friday is, but I think it must be coming soon.

There is a lady who is trying to help me get out of here and find a foster home until I can find my forever home, but she's been having a hard time.  She brings me cans of yummy food because I like to eat that when she's here.  I heard her tell the man that works here that she is really worried about me, and really worried that she has not been able to find me a foster home.  At one point I thought my grandpa might come back and get me, but I guess I was wrong.  I'm sorry I was such a bad boy that they wanted to get rid of me, but I really don't think it's my fault.  I think I need some understanding and love to get over my anxiety. 

Please help the nice lady who is trying to find me a foster home.  If you have any room in your home for me I will try to be good.  I do really well if left with other dogs.  And I'm not a very big boy, only about 40 pounds, so I won't take up much room. 

Thank you for listening to my story,

*Oh yeah I'm also neutered, I've had all my vaccinations, and have been on a monthly heartworm preventative, so I am a really healthy boy.