Thursday, March 5, 2015

Palmdale CA & BEYOND: FOSTER/RESCUE NEEDED! Babies Ruby & Rizo hit by car need foster/rescue ASAP - California City Shelter - Must not go back to shelter!


With fundraising, all the vetting has been paid for. They need FOSTER/RESCUE ASAP. CONTACT Jan Reedy <>.

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This the updated info:

They are healed but should be restricted from rough play and running for a few months.  Their injuries were pretty bad, the breaks were complicated.   They seem to really love each other but can be separated if necessary.  

Ruby is more introverted, quiet and slower to come out of her shell.  Rizo doesnt know what a shell is and is very social and outgoing.  They are wonderful with kids and dogs. Never seen them with cats but they dont seem prey driven at all. 

Age unknown. I will ask the age estimate.  This is a pic with their individual names. 


This is Ruby and the next pic is her xray.

Rizo - I don't have a copy of her xray. 

With fundraising, all the vetting has been paid for. Both these baby's just need a new start on life (limited to what they can physically do) and they won't get a chance in California City. A good Sam is set to Foster for the shelter, but she is a temp Foster. 

Any help we can give these 2 would be appreciated. They can not go back to the shelter! I have requested pictures when they exit the vet. 

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These 2 dogs are at vet in Palmdale, they were both picked up (separately) by California City AC, both suffered by car strike.
They are recovering but will need to be somewhat restricted for continued recovery. They do not have a rescue. They belong to California City shelter.
Although bonded by injury, they are not bonded and be in separate homes.

One is shy, a little more scared, but sweet as can be.

The other has never met a stranger and loves on everyone.

This is a private photo of the 2 just recently.   The vet bills are now current with a credit on account for medical.

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Jan Reedy asked me to get this out on email. These two dogs are in desperate need of a foster or rescue. They had a foster but the foster had a medical emergency in their family. The two dogs are at vet recovering and getting ready to leave vet to continue recovery with a foster. Jan said they can't go back to shelter in casts / shelter is at max. Please contact Jan Reedy if you have any fosters. She is flying today but will check emails this afternoon. She will be sending an email today, but wanted me to send one ASAP. Jan is on Facebook and Instagram, along with email.
CA City does not issue ID numbers. Dogs are referenced by name. They are Ruby and Rizo.