Monday, April 20, 2015

Van Nuys, CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Simon a handsome, flame point Siamese living in very dangerous colony

Simon has been adopted!

3/20 POST
Simon has exquisite sky blue eyes

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Date: Mar 19, 2015 4:37 PM
Subject: Simon, handsome, flame point Siamese living in very dangerous colony
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Simon is a very mellow, handsome Flame Point Siamese who was recently discovered living at a warehouse in North Hollywood.  This has been a nightmare situation for the cats in this colony as many of them have been harmed and killed.  One kitten had chewed off her front leg to free herself from being stuck in concrete, another white mama cat was kicked in the face and died of her injuries!  Others have shown up dead… their bodies placed next to the feeding station – as if to make the statement, "they are not welcome here!"

There is one woman, named Judith Sanchez, who had started out doing TNR at the location but soon learned it would be best for them to be re-located all together.  She's been doing what she can to remove these poor animals from this hostile and dangerous environment.  The other day she pleaded with me to take Simon (one of several tames).  Yesterday, before he arrived at my home, he was taken to Fix Nation to be neutered, vaccinated, flea-treated, and combo tested (FIV/FeLV = negative).

Aside from being very dirty and underweight, he's otherwise healthy.  He's LOVES to lay across my lap, allows me to flea comb his short coat, lets out a gentle meow when I walk in the room, and… I must mention his exquisite sky blue eyes.  Poor fella seems a little traumatized and depressed.  He cannot stay in my tiny bathroom but it was important to get him to safety.

Please help network him for a new loving, indoor home where he can feel welcomed and safe

Thanks so much!
~Rhae Ann Theriault
  Van Nuys, CA (San Fernando Valley)