Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Carthage IL: GOOD NEWS 2nd Update RE New Inmate HEARTBREAKING....senior terrier mix female

Posie will be treasured
Anissa says Posie is going to need continued care and special diet so if you would like to donate to Fluffy Butts, the rescue organization would probably welcome your gift. I assume this is the website: http://www.fluffybutts.com/home

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Anissa Sadeghi <westhancockk9@mchsi.com> wrote:
Hamilton, IL: Super Happy Day for one Miss Posie! Today she was gratefully transported by a couple of great volunteer drivers to Fluffy Butts rescue where she will be treasured. Thank you for all the well wishes and support for her.  She is an amazing little girl! Good save everyone! :):):)

4/16 POST
On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 6:03 PM, Anissa Sadeghi <westhancockk9@mchsi.com> wrote:
Update! She is now going by the name of Posie :) 
I I took her to our vet clinic yesterday and had her thoroughly examined including bloodwork.  She is 15+ years old, 11lbs, heartworm negative and her bloodwork all considering was fairly good except her kidneys are not functioning like they should be.  Her teeth are in horrible shape and need to be cleaned and some taken out.  She now has to be on a special diet of Science Diet K/D and amoxidrops for her gum infection as well as she was started on some tramadol for her discomfort.  I did bring her home with me so I am also giving her sub-q fluids to help flush her kidneys.  She has a very good appetite and mostly wants to curl up and nap.  She is super sweet and I am so grateful I happen to have crossed her path.  We do have a another rescue group that has stepped up for her when she gets released from the animal controls hold time, until then, she is staying with me. If anyone would like to help with her vetting care, please contact the Carthage Vet Clinic at 217-357-8340 or our PayPal is westhancockk9@mchsi.com  THANK YOU for the warm wishes and concern!!  
4/15 POST
This poor senior girl was found wondering in the middle of nowhere
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Carthage, IL: This poor senior girl was found wondering in the middle of nowhere and brought to animal control.  I went out to take pictures of another dog and found this little one curled up shivering.  The aco had no idea she was dropped off out there.  I snatched her up and brought her home but need to take her to our vet tomorrow to make sure she is ok and not in need of any medications and exactly what her condition is.  She needs a rescue to pull her (I have to hold her for animal control for 7 days), and a sponsor/s to help with her vetting. If you can help us take care of her :)  Please email westhancockk9@mchsi.com very grateful I happened to go out there tonight. 
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