Saturday, April 11, 2015

Casa Grande AZ: Beyond urgent! Deathrow Pit named "Joker" is a great dog being passed over by rescues. Nine months in kill shelter.

Deathrow sweetie has $400+ in pledges
Volunteer pleads, "could you share this boy, 8 1/2 months in a shelter dog friendly sweet 4 years old 45pounds, healthy so far.. rescues keep saying full but they keep rescuing its bs (he has solid pledges on his thread and 200 solid from people i know i know that rescues are overfull and fosters are hard to come by... yet i am still seeing dogs being rescued.. so why is joker being left behind... couple more weeks and he is on his NINTH month at the shelter, he has managed by some miracle to stay healthy, he is only 40pd or so.. he is dog friendly, sweet and gentle, he has over 400$ in pledges on his page, and a few otherwise i know to be real solid... Why is he still there???"

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