Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lawrenceville GA: Urgent 4/26 update RE: Calm sweet young Roxie the Pit Bull Needs Rescue ASAP! So much love to give! Been at pound since February. So overlooked!

This is the PERFECT dog right here from pen 155! Let's give her the 3 Ps...PERFECT...PRETTY and wants to PLEASE! I really don't need much description of her because her very TRUE COLORS come out in this the written words are needed! Can she be part of your WORLD!!! Animal ID # is 43869 I am a FEMALE, PEN 155 PIT BULL, HW+ The shelter thinks I am YOUNG I will be available for adoption starting on 02/18/2015 FOUND STRAY; MEDIUM; FRIENDLY Call the Shelter for more information 770-339-3200.
Posted by Helping Animals at Gwinnett County Animal Control in Lawrenceville GA on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
4/26/15: It seems Roxy has approximately three Facebook photo/threads but this one seems to be the most current and she seems to be still alive although very much CODE RED! She has about $250 in pledges. Please act very quickly if you can save her.
4/21 POST
"The kids were under 10 & she was tremendous with them. She didn't jump & just remained calm. She would be the perfect dog for a family looking for a dog that is calm & SUPER loving/sweet!"
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Subject: Lawrenceville, GA~Update on Roxy--Needs Rescue ASAP~So much love to give!!!
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Please crosspost~please forward~please network/RESCUE/share on behalf of Roxy at Gwinnet County Animal Control in
Lawrenceville, GA.  Roxy is a beautiful, loving Pit Bull and she needs rescue URGENTLY!
Interested rescues please reply to this email at  (
Roxy has $170.00 in pledges at this time towards her heartworm treatment.
Please see pledges at this thread on facebook page:
Subject: Update on Roxy (ID: 43869)
Date: April 19, 2015 at 1:14:05 PM EDT

Hello Rescues,
Our dear, sweet Roxy was vetted a few days ago.  She is now spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on shots, but heartworm positive! 
 We are not giving up on her! Any rescue willing to pull her or any other heartworm positive dog will receive a free two-week supply of doxycycline to make up for the added cost of heartworm treatment.
Even if you cannot pull her, please share her far and wide.  She has so much love to give.  See her video at the Helping Animals at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter Facebook page!
Interested rescues please reply to this email at  (
Quote from facebook page:
I have worked with Roxie many times!
girl is not only super beautiful, but has the greatest personality to match. I have brought her outside to a bonding pen 3
times & it's so hard to put her back!
She has been at the shelter since the middle of February, but has the calmest temperament. Even though she is a larger dog, she has never pulled on the leash.
She gets super excited to be around anyone. She loves to be right next to you and just enjoys being out in the sun.
She would even sit on my lap & just enjoy being pet.
She sits for treats & takes them gently from your hand as well. I can't even picture a dog with a better personality.
I have had one family come in the pen to interact with her while I was outside. The kids were under 10 &
she was tremendous with them. She didn't jump & just remained calm.
She would be the perfect dog for a family looking for a dog that is calm & SUPER loving/sweet!
I really don't understand why she has been so overlooked!"