Friday, April 3, 2015

Lawrenceville GA~RED ALERT ~Less than 24 hrs~Cruelty Case Survivors~2 Very sweet girls - Rescue Only~Spnsr $

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Date: Apr 2, 2015 7:15 PM
Subject: Lawrenceville GA~RED ALERT ~Less than 24 hrs~Cruelty Case Survivors~2 Very sweet girls - Rescue Only~Spnsr $
Please crosspost~please forward~please network asap- -less than 24 hours to save these two cruelty case survivors.
Dogo X and Pit Bull/Presa X - beautiful, approx. 2 yrs old
Sponsorship offers are in the comments on the FB page post
UPDATE! These two are running out of time! Have had no intrest!! Only 24 hours left……

SUPER URGENT UPDATE!!! 4/01/15 NO INTEREST HAVE 48 HOURS TO GET OUT CONSTRUCTION IN POD STARTS SATURDAY!!! These two girls have come so far for it to end here!!!!! They are both spayed, microchipped, and current on dappv and rabies. Both are extremely friendly and loveable. They white girl is HW+. They are both aprox 2 yrs old. THIS IS THE 3 TIME THEY HAVE BEEN SENT OUT AS URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP US SAVE THESE TWO… you can see in their pics they were severely abused and part of a backyard breeder. The county did its part in putting a stop to their abuse now it's your turn to help.

Hi everyone

These are two very special girls!! They have done their part and survived now it's our turn to help them have a better happier more loving life!! These two were part of a cruelty backyard breeding case that has finally come to an end… check out their video and you will not find 2 happier pups. Let's all work together and get these girls out as you can see they have come a long way they have gained lots of weight and still have some to go so treats will be a requirement! Please help them lets share and repost and get them out to loving homes. They are spayed, microchipped, dappv, and rabies. They will require further vet care to continue to a healthy life. Both are approx. 2 yrs. White girl is listed as a dogo and is HW+ . Brindle girl(she has the saddest eyes) is listed as pitbull/ presa mix.