Sunday, April 26, 2015

Los Angeles (Chatsworth): URGENT! Max A1545093 Gray Tabby Boy - Dumped by Uncaring Owner - West Valley facility (Chatsworth) RED Listed!

 MAX A1545093
The link to his record in the database is:

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From: Cindy Paul <>
Date: Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 4:16 PM
Subject: URGENT!! Max A1545093 Gray Tabby Boy - Dumped by Uncaring Owner -West Valley Shelter/Chatsworth - RED Listed!!
If you can rescue, foster or adopt Max, please contact Chris or Phyllis below:

Date: April 25, 2015 2:10:22 AM PDT

I was wondering if you may be able to help me network this poor cat at the West Valley Animal Shelter named Max A1545093 pictured below. He is currently on Red Alert and has such a heartbreaking story. 

He is a 7 year old neutered boy. Most people distinguish him by his stunning forest green eyes, which are inordinately bright and introspective. But if you look into his eyes, you will note a deep history that belies the facade. When Max was brought into the shelter, the person surrendering him claimed not to be the "owner", to avoid paying surrender fees. And yet Max had an attachment to him that was unmistakable. Max caressed his head against the owner's hands, rubbed his head on the man's arms and completely trusted him. 

And when Max' carrier was opened to take him out, Max clung onto the owner's sleeves like a safety net, like he was his only protector. You could see the look of fear and pain in Max' eyes. He was shaking like a leaf. But the surrendering owner quickly dislodged his sleeves from Max' tight grip, without any emotion or sympathy whatsoever, and left him there for good. But as the owner was walking away, Max got himself out of the grasp of the intake team and ran after his owner not wanting to let him go. Max was running after his owner and crying as he was running, practically begging his owner not to leave him behind and to take him back. Max was about to jump into his owner's car; when the shelter staff quickly caught him and took him back inside. Max cried out loud and looked at his owner all along the way, one last time, as he was being taken back. The owner simply did not care; he did not want Max anymore and showed no mercy for him. 

Ever since then, Max has been literally crying. Heaven knows why, but Max  "unconditionally" loves his owner and misses him with all his heart. If ever there was an example of "unconditional" love, this is it. And if you've never seen animal cry, this will be your chance to witness it, as Max is just crushed by his loss. And now, Max is Red Listed and is on 24 hour alert to be euthanized. Of course the pain that Max has already endured is probably greater than a thousand deaths, but nonetheless, it would be overwhelmingly tragic for his life to end this way. He has so much love in his heart. He does not deserve such callousness. Perhaps if we both network him, we may be able to save his life. Anything you can do would be a blessing. Thank you so much.