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MORGANTON NC: Follow-up RE: Last dog! Angel needs experienced foster! RE: a little progress re PUPPY MILL LADY HAS DIED. large DOGS IN HORRIBLE LIVING CONDITIONS! HELP!

July 9, 2015: GOOD NEWS UPDATE - Candy reports all the dogs from this April 2015 project have been rescued and PLACED IN ADOPTIVE HOMES except for Stalker whose new name is Sadie - please see her new post.
4/18/15 POST
On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 8:26 AM, Candy Bowman <> wrote:
Good Morning,

Here is Angel, she is a PIt Terrier mix. She is the last one left in the burke county rescue, we really need a hail mary for her. Could you send this out as a last hope? We have to have her moved by the 24th per the landlord of this property. I consulted with my vet and he gave me sedatives we could give her so when she goes out we could put a mussel on her. We want to make sure she's safe as well as us. We also hope with a little affection and getting her away from the situation will help with her temperment. Even with all this we have no where to put her. If we had help to relocate her for a while, we could accessing how she reacts better and then move her to a new location. I just don't know how she is with dogs or kids. Anyone that could help take her for alittle while would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest Regards, 
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On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 6:04 PM, Candy Bowman <> wrote:
Great news, Chica was found! Apparently a family member took her and just failed to mention. I have requested pictures...
Daisy-red pit was adopted today.
We still have Sable, Stalker, Cassie, Baby & Angel. I may have foster homes for a few tomorrow but will know for sure in the morning. Thank you soo much for checking up on this.
Thank for your help! 
Candy Bowman
4/12 POST
Candy has given permission to blog her message.  Izzy and Precious have been taken into foster care. CHICA HAS BEEN STOLEN! Candy looked for her today with no luck. Please rescue Cassie, Sable, Stalker, Daisy and "Nobody knows her name" (pictured below) if you can VERY URGENTLY. There is another dog there too needing rescue - she is an extremely sweet Pit named "Baby." 

Morganton is a town in Burke County, North Carolina


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Burke County Rescue
- Candy Bowman
I'm reaching out to you with a heavy heart.
 I'm trying to help someone get rid of 8 dogs.  They have had a very rough life, to say the least.  The lady that owned these dogs died last Saturday, she was basically running a Puppy mill.

All dogs are friendly, except one.  They are all females, with 1 of the Dobermans being a male.  None have been fixed, and I have no idea on shots.  There were originally 10 dogs and 3 puppies; 2 dogs have already been placed into good homes, along with 3 puppies.  However I am running out of time since she rented this thing she called a house, and they want all this mess cleaned up ASAP.  

The reason I was called and asked to help, is they know how I feel about helping animals, AND there is a known man who fights dogs who has been asking and going by this place.  I also know his name, and would like help on who to contact regarding the Police.  He knows no one is there full time, and it worries me that he could just come and take any of them.

I just started working on this today, and I am using all my contacts.  I went to take pictures & look around this place today, and what I found makes me sick!  There were needles and beer cans everywhere, and the woman was a hoarder.  There were even small graves out back.  Some dogs have been bred until they are no longer able, and 2 need medical attention.

If you know of anyone you could put me in touch with or any organization, PLEASE do so.  I know this is a lot and I appreciate any help you can throw my way.  (See below for pictures).

There are 2 Dobermans male/female, 5 are Pits (all females), and 1 is unknown (female).  

The first girl is called Stalker; friendly (all dogs need new names). Her back right leg needs medical attention.

The second girl (lil white dog) is named Cassie.  I believe she is sick, and her tail is broken.

The 3rd is a very young female named Chica, very friendly and photogenic.

The 4th is Precious, the very friendly, extremely playful female Doberman.

The 5th is a red Pit named Daisy, again very friendly.

The 6th is a female, no one knew her name, and she is my problem girl.  She is extremely aggressive, and she had been bred a lot.  I could not get her to come around at all.

The 7th is Sable, and she is an old sweet baby.  She is the one that can no longer breed, as the woman bred her so much.

The 8th is the Doberman male named Izzy.  He is a little skittish, but not aggressive.  He's just tired I believe.  

All the dogs let me pet them, and give them treats.  I even let them jump up on me just to see how their temperaments were, given how they were treated.

Most are on chains, but two are in run-down kennels.

If you need my number, or any other information, please email me.  My biggest worry is the guy who wants to use them in fights.

Thank you,
Candy Bowman

Crystal Mosteller Hopson