Sunday, April 26, 2015

Murfreesboro TN: 7 dogs are in urgent need of rescue by May 15

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- 911 - Murfreesboro, TN

These dogs must be moved before May 15th.  If they go to animal control, their chances are slim for survival.

Here is a summary of the situation:

These 7 dogs are in urgent need of rescue by May 15.  We have already rescued two females, Jasmine and Cammie.  Jasmine passed away on Easter Sunday, after her second surgery, trying to save her from a prolapse of her anus, most likely caused by untreated worms. Cammie is doing well, and will go to rescue when she recovers from a severe ear infection. According to the owner who rescued her, she was the lone survivor after some cruel person tried to drown puppies in a pillowcase. 

The others pictured below must find rescue or adoption homes by May 15, when the property where they are located will be sold.  The owner is advertising these sweet dogs on Facebook and Craig's List, where their fate will be unknown. 

Please accept some or all of these sweet dogs into your rescue. 

Pictures are attached, and the owner has supplied information below about age and temperament.  The two we have tested so far have been heartworm negative and very sweet.  The owner is working with an organization (People for Animals) in getting all the dogs spayed/neutered before May 10th. 

Sasquatch - White/Brown Brindle 5 yrs old
Saber - cropped ears Blue/white 4 yrs old
Thor - White/Blue 2 yrs old still very much a puppy

Sasquatch and Saber are good with people, however are set in their ways, and would preferably be only dog homes.

Thor is good with people and I believe he would get along with other dogs/animals. 

Rose - Blue/white 3 yrs old
Luna - Black Brindle/white 5 yrs old
Nikka  - Blue Brindle Italian Mastiff 4 yrs old
Zelda - Blue/White

Rose and Luna are sweethearts, but preferably only dog homes, due to slight food/same sex aggressive to other dogs, but great with people.

Nikka and Zelda are both big babies, and would do great in any situation I believe. 

Please contact me if you can help in any way, or if you have a contact that can help. 

Please cross post widely.  This is a desperate situation, since these dogs will have no place to go as of May 15, 2015. 
CONTACT: Mary Phillips:       (at