Sunday, April 5, 2015

southern California: Looking for responsible fosters for our rescues - Pitties and Rotties

Email if you wish to volunteer your time, donate toward their care or meet them to potentially offer a fabulous foster or adoptive home for them. Thank you!

Message from Lisa Pellegrene:

Looking for responsible fosters for our rescues (under 501c3) (South Bay preferred but any location in So Cal works)
So Cal Branch - Mid West Rottweiler Rescue, a branch of Mid West Rottweiler Rescue, a 501c3 rescue, in conjunction with Pittie's Angels provides rescue, rehabilitation and placement organization for all breeds, and specifically those who are most unjustly discriminated against.
We are looking for fosters for our rescue, who can provide safe, loving environments for our rescue dogs until they are placed in their forever homes, If you are become a "foster failure" MEANING, you foster one of our dogs and then fall in love and want to not just foster, but adopt your foster pet as a permanent family member, that is okay with us! that is not a failure in our eyes that is a success to find a loving forever home for our dogs!!
We are looking for a minimum 1-2 week commitment to start, we do background checks, we do a vet check and fully screen our potential fosters to ensure this is a safe, good, welcoming, loving environment for our rescues. We provide the food and medical care, our fosters provide a safe home, filled with love and respect, and proper care for them. Please email me if you wish to foster and complete the application on the website.