Friday, May 22, 2015

Branchburg NJ: GOOD NEWS! RE: Please help Oso doggie find his forever home!

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MAY 21st
Our little rescue boy Oso has been adopted.  Thank you to everyone who donated to his care, who crossposted as each and everyone one of you helped make this happen.  There is nothing better than team work!! Thanks everyone! 

Monica Sinforosa
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5/13/15 POST
Oso is searching for his forever home

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May 13th,
Oso is searching for his forever home. Please spread the word for him as he truly deserves a forever home.

Oso was surrendered to me over to me recently from a very neglectful situation. He is 5 years old and a King Charles Spaniel/Peke mix. He has been seen by a vet, had a full blood panel done, vaccinations and will be neutered on Monday. He weighs 24 pounds but is underweight.  Unfortunately, he lived his whole life on a back porch with barely any food or water to survive. Oso had no shelter from the elements all these years and lived every season of every year on a concrete back porch in snow, sleet, rain and heat. Oso's family felt it was ok for him to live this way. I'm am surprised he has survived this long. This poor dog had children to play with in his home which he loved but was never allowed in to play with them. Oso will be up for adoption when he is fully vetted. He is great with other dogs especially ones that are playful as he loves to play. He's not great with cats as he chases them but will not harm them so a home without cats is recommended. He loves children, is gentle and playful with them and is also great with adults. Oso would be great in a home where he can go for long walks or is able play in a fenced yard. He is in need of training as he does not know any commands but we are working on that. He's learning to live inside of a home, is being crate trained and had a good bath. He is being fully groomed today.  This poor boy just needs structure and a new understanding of life. He needs to know what love is and that life has so much more for to offer him. He has so much life and love to give and gives the best kisses. If you are interested in adopting Oso please contact me directly. An application and home visit is required so that we can match him up with the best fit.