Monday, May 25, 2015

Girard GA: 8 Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel 7-month-olds need RESCUE ASAP!

Reputable Rescue Help Needed Desperately
Highly Adoptable Dogs but Not in Georgia
Samantha Holton's email address is: and her phone number is in her signature.

Samantha wrote 5/25:
Some sorry excuse of a human being dumped these EIGHT Doxi/Cocker mix pups in Girard, Ga. Late yesterday evening on a dirt road in rural South Ga. (Burke County)
They are all between 7-8 months of age, all friendly and weigh between 7-15 lbs. each.

My own rescue is full due to NO animal control or animal services for the county. Right now I have 14 puppies I have been taking care of with mange and other issues trying to get them well enough to go on tranport North plus a lot of other rescue dogs. I desperately...DESPERATELY need reputable rescues to help with some of these eight dogs.
They were dumped on a dirt rd. in Burke County late yesterday afternoon and wound up in a field at one of the only houses in the area.
This area has many coyotes and alligators in nearby ponds and swampy areas and it was not a safe place for these small dogs to be.
We rounded them up and they are safe but VERY limited space and Very temporary.
Help is desperately needed ASAP
These dogs are all friendly and have long silky hair. They range between 7-15 lbs. and look to be only 7 months old by their pretty white, young teeth. They would be highly adoptable dogs but not in Burke County or even Ga. for that matter!
Until the powers that be make an effort to help and speak up for the animals of Ga. I just don't see any way for the circumstances to improve or get better for the animals unfortunate enough to be in Ga.
I will do anything I can to help with getting them ready and to transport North if I can just get someone to help them.
Please pass this on to any reputable rescues or contacts. It is much appreciated and so desperately needed to help these animals.
Thank You!


Samantha Holton
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Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc.
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