Sunday, May 31, 2015

Houston TX: Super Critical at BARC.All hands on deck! Cat crisis at BARC

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Date: 4:59PM, Sun, May 31, 2015
Subject: Super Critical at BARC !!!!......All hands on deck! Cat crisis at BARC

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Subject: [BARCandRescues] All hands on deck!  Cat crisis at BARC

BARC has 333 cats.  That is 183 over the official capacity of 150 cats.

BARC took in a total of 244 cats Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  During the same time period, 20 cats were adopted, 18 left with fosters, and 15 left with rescues.

There is no precedent at BARC for this huge number of cats.  Late today, BARC was having to house cats in wire crates. 

I know everyone is stretched to the limit, but if you can squeeze in even one kitten, it would help.  Please consider focusing on the single kittens who are each taking up an entire cage.  (Thank you, Ramona for pulling 4 singles today; those cages are already full again.)

There are lots of healthy, cute kittens (and adult cats) who are destined to die at BARC simply because they are out of room. 

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Nela Brown


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