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POPLAR BLUFF, MO - URGENT!! - Dogs Need Commitments ASAP!!

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Subject: POPLAR BLUFF, MO - URGENT!! - Dogs Need Commitments ASAP!!
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Please contact Gina Cagle at:       (at, or at: 618-791-5931.

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- URGENT!! - Dogs Need Commitments ASAP!!

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- First Update - URGENT IN POPLAR BLUFF MO - Dogs Need Commitments ASAP!!

Please share with trusted contacts if you cannot adopt or rescue.

Contact Gina at: or: 618-791-5931.


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First Update
- URGENT IN POPLAR BLUFF MO Dogs Need Commitments ASAP!!

PLEASE CROSS-POST if you cannot accept into rescue!!!

If you can help save these precious babes, please contact Gina at: or call: 618-791-5931.


The followings dogs were living happy life with one of our proud military veterans.  But, he had a stroke and can no longer care for these babies.  These dogs have been abandoned in a home that is not fit to live in.  They are being fed by a neighbor but they MUST be placed before animal control comes in.  If that happens, they will DIE!! 

Plus, I have only 2 weeks left in this area before I leave for the summer.  These dogs are in dire need of help!  Please!  Can you help??

After receiving information about these babes two days ago, I finally had a chance to get into the "home".  These poor, poor babes!  We were greeted with wagging tails at a window and a little one in a makeshift pen.  He had gotten away the night before, and was just caught when I drove up.  He was absolutely terrified.

I will say I have never encountered a house that had feces, urine, and complete filth covering everything.  There was not a place to step without feces.  The smell was putrid.  One dog (see Muffin below) had not been outside in weeks.

Although I have only two dogs posted here, more updated pictures of clean dogs will be coming in the next day. 

LUCY - Well, this is actually Lucy.  I had her name wrong yesterday.  Lucy is a sweet gal.  She couldn't wait to meet us and go for a car ride.  Although she is spayed and up to date on shots, she was covered in fleas.  I do not have her exact age yet, but will get her vetting info when the vet clinic reopens on Tuesday.  Love this gal! 

MUFFIN - This is the gal who hadn't been outside in weeks.  Muffin was absolutely terrified of us.  But, when we managed to get her outside and feeling safe, she began wagging her tail and enjoyed a nice car ride.  I was completely amazed how in just an hour's time, Muffin was licking and wagging and smiling.  The vet records state she is around 4 years old.  I believe it is in error because Muffin is much, much older.  She is extremely obese, as most of the dogs were.  She does have trouble walking (her toenails were way overgrown), may have some sight issues, and needs dental work.  The poor, poor baby!  Both dogs are now being boarded, as I am NOT a rescue and have no place for them.  Nor can I afford to have them boarded for long term.  Both are doing well in the kennel setting, but would prefer a foster home or forever home for both. 

Please, please help!  I am leaving in about two weeks.  I need to place these babies into competent rescues.

If we have not worked together previously, you must qualify as a rescue. I do reference and vet checks and would like you to be licensed in your state.  I prefer you be a 501(C)3 also.  We ask that the rescue reimburse for any vetting, and especially for spay/neuter, gas money for transports.  Any dogs sent directly from a vet clinic will have the cost from the vet clinic (typically $40 dogs), which will be sent directly to the clinic. 

These dogs have obviously been through a lot.  Often, we don't know just how much. Just as with reputable rescues, I want the best for dogs I sponsor.

Please contact me at:       (at, or at: 618-791-5931.

Gina Cagle
Independent Rescuer
(References Available)
Centralia, IL 62801
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Phone: 618-791-5931

50% of all adopters give the animal up in the first two years.
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