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One-Eyed Winchester says, "God has blessed us...
Many of you have asked how we are faring,
as you read about flooding and worse all over the state of Texas...
We've had more rain than normal -- no question about that!
But the tornados have come no where near us.
And the flooding that you see on TV is in areas far from here..
The farm is not in a flood plain.
We are nowhere near the Colorado River which goes through Wharton
But here are some photos we took of the Colorado this afternoon.
The river is higher than normal but not not flooding yet at this point.
Hard to see, but the river is in the lower, right part of the photo...
the bank goes upward from the river and you can see the trees
and parking lot at the top of the bank. 
 It is at least 12' from the river's edge to the top of the bank.  
It would take an awful lot of water
to rise past the top of the bank and spill over!
They say river will crest at 44' tomorrow evening and it is currently at 38'.
But even if the river should come over the banks, we are miles away from it!
The map below shows us in the lower right corner
and the Colorado River, making its way down the left side of the map.
The Colorado River is over 3 miles away from us!
Us dogs are all staying out of the rain, high and dry in our houses!
And our weather has been mostly sunshine this past week!"
Great News on the Adoption Front...
We sent six dogs to a great rescue in California a few weeks ago,
and every dog has already found a family!
This past week, Yvonne, above, went to her new family in Connecticut
And Hazel Black went to her new family in New York!
Both are doing really great in their new homes
and their families love them completely!
Tom says, "Here are 7 ways YOU can help us dogs!
1. We Need 5 Fosters Right Now!
If you can foster one of our dogs,
you could make it possible for that dog to find a family!
Our fosters are usually very short term
Just long enough to meet a few families.
And then the dogs move on into their new adoptive homes!
We especially need fosters in New York, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
New Hampshire and Vermont
We have lots of potential adopters in these states.
If they could meet our dogs in person, we could place even more dogs!
Fosters are some of the unsung heroes of Rescue!
If you can foster one of our babies for just a few weeks,
please contact Melody at
2. Help Us Buy "Screenings" for yards
When weather is wet, screenings make a BIG difference.
Screenings are somewhat like sand, somewhat like kitty litter!
We put them in our dogs' yards to keep the yards from getting muddy.
Screenings allow water to percolate through,
and keep the dogs out of the mud when it rains!
The screenings go over the top of the soil and grass can still grow.
We pay the hauling company $347 per load.
One load will usually do about 12 yards.
You can purchase screenings through Paypal, at
or mail a check to
Smiling Dog Farms, P.O. Box 743, Wharton, TX  77488
Please note "screenings" on your check or Paypal donation!
3. Find homes for some of us dogs
These are good dogs who have been waiting patiently for a family.
They are spayed/neutered, HW negative, up to date on shots.
We need more quality rescue partners to find them families.
If every rescue we know could just place ONE of our adoptable dogs,
it would be awesome!
Help Us Place 10 Dogs between now and July 4!
Please contact Melody, our national adoption coordinator,
If you have already taken one or more of our dogs into your rescue,
or you have fostered one or more of our dogs in your home
You have made a difference!
4. Make a One-Time Donation
 mail a check to Smiling Dog Farms, P.O. Box 743, Wharton, TX 77488
Or sign up to make regular, monthly donations

most banks have Auto Bill Pay to mail a check automatically to
Smiling Dog Farms, P.O. Box 743, Wharton, TX  77488
Checks do not pay a percentage to Paypal!
Our problem is simple enough...
We have more dogs than sponsors to pay for them.
Individuals and rescues have sent us dogs,
promising to help pay for their care.
Many have been faithful to do just that.
To them we say, THANK YOU for keeping your word!
But almost as many have just walked away, 
leaving us to raise the money for their dogs' care!
Regular monthly donors support our dogs.
Thank you
if you are a regular monthly donor...
or have donated one-time gifts to our dogs
5. Ask 8 Friends to donate $10/mo
$80 will pay for ONE DOG's cost of care.
Just have your friends sign up on Paypal
or at their bank to send monthly "bill pay" checks
 to Smiling Dog Farms, POBox 743, Wharton, TX  77488
6. Sign up your grocery card or iGive
or both!!
It costs nothing to register your grocery card and
you do not lose any of your benefits or perks.
The grocery pays us 1% of your purchases.
Some Numbers to Think About...
If you spend $100 a week on groceries,
you will donate $52 each year to us dogs.
I know.   That doesn't sound like a lot.
But imagine this --
if 1000 of our friends on Facebook sign up their cards,
that will be $52,000 per year!
Grocery cards have a HUGE potential to help us dogs!
How to Start,,,
Once you register your card, you only have to renew it once a year.
If you are computer savvy, you can just go to your store's link below.
Be sure to use the number assigned to Smiling Dog Farms
If you're not sure what to do, email Jay at or
Tamara at   They will help you get set up.
You will need to register your card if you have not already done that.
It is not hard and only takes a couple minutes.
Then choose the number for your state:
Texas  # 93072
Georgia  # 58487
Alabama  # 37117
South Carolina  # 57323
Michigan/Great Lakes  # 87505
Do you live in a state not listed above?
Email Jay at to see about getting your state listed.
(We are currently working to get Louisiana listed)
Download and print the application and take it in to your local store customer service desk.
Our number for Randalls and Tom Thumb is # 13087
Albertson's does not sign up on the internet.
Email our friend Tamara at
and she will mail you a card.
You need to register your card if you have not already done that.
Our number for Fry's is #  82410
You need to register your card if you have not already done so.
Contact Tamara at if you need help signing up.
Our number for Ralphs is # 94675
I know it is a pain to have to sign up again every year,
but you really are helping us dogs when you do!"
You can also help us dogs by signing up with iGive for online shopping.
Contact our friend Tamara at to learn how.
7. Donate One Week's Kibble
Where You Work
Just ask the folks you work with to donate ...
explain that your workplace/school wants to buy
ONE WEEK of food for us dogs!
If everyone you work with donates something,
your business or school could buy a WEEK's food for us dogs!
If we could get 52 groups to do this,
it would pay for our kibble for a year!
Funds can be donated directly to our vendor
where we buy our kibble.
for those who prefer to donate this way.
All donations qualify for tax credit
Contact Jay at
He will help you get this organized.
Chanel says, "Do you have ideas to help us dogs?
Let us know by emailing
Thank You
for caring about us dogs!"