Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Azle TX to Carrollton TX: Where to send pledges RE: GOOD NEWS RE Urgent. 5 neglected small dogs, elderly owners going to nursing home. Dogs are in imminent danger.

The rescue has a donate button on their website. Donations are tax-deductible.

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Yes we actually found a rescue (I transported them Saturday night)  but the problem we are having is all are in not so great condition and need extensive dental and medical care. Will you please share that the rescue needs donations badly? The web page is
And they can note that it's for the abandoned Azle older dogs they took. Thank you so much for caring and sharing! 
Stacey Carney 
6/20 POST 
Rescue was found! Donations will be needed. Details will be added here when available. Thanks to all who are helping these litle ones.
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A family member reached out
to Stacey to help - therefore

please no nasty messages!!!
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Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 9:10 PM
Subject: 5 neglected small dogs- Azle tx, elderly owners going to nursing home. Dogs are in imminent danger living in trailer

Gayla Geist
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Subject: Azle tx, elderly owners going to nursing home. Dogs are in imminent

Azle texas.... Hello rescue friends. Please read this and help me if you can
as this is a touchy subject.... As many of you know I have been a hair
stylist for about 10 years now and I have been doing this particular ladies
hair for about a year now. She came in the other day for an appointment and
broke down sobbing in my chair. She explained to me that her elderly
parents (mother and stepfather) who both suffer from dementia we're going to
be moving to a nursing home because her sister (their primary caretaker)
wasn't caring for them properly. She was really upset about all of it but to
make it worse she said her mom had these dogs that she loved but in the past
few years hadn't been able to care for so her sister here again was supposed
to be caring for them. Well it wasn't happening and apparently the dogs have
been very neglected. I asked her to please get me photos but she isn't very
tech savvy so it has been really hard to get Picts and such out of her. She
finally got some today. The shelter has come out and says they will be
euthanized (which I explained was better than the treatment they are getting
now) if they are surrendered. She doesn't want this to happen so she's been
holding off on taking them. She doesn't know much about the dogs but I have
to give her that she's making an effort. This is really touchy subject
because she is client of mine and I don't want to get in the middle of her
family feuding she's going thru right now and I also don't want to lose a
client over any of this so please try and be kind. I have to assume under
these conditions that the dogs have not been vetted or fixed. I honestly do
not know but I really doubt it. Rescue is their best chance I believe. All
the dogs have gone days without food before she found out about them and is
now making trips over to her parents place to give them food. This is not a
good situation and it sounds like it's only getting worse. The property
owner wants them gone asap so I am trying my hardest to get them to a safe
place. Please if you can help please contact me via email at or Kathy (my client) number is (817) 917-4912.
As I said before, she isn't very tech savvy so be prepared. Please no nasty
messages or calls. I am just happy she reached out for help instead of
letting them die inside this trailer. Please share! Thank you everyone.