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Dallas Tx- Fully vetted fetch playing dog & kid friendly rescued Pit-Major needs a home

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Subject: Dallas Tx- Fully vetted fetch playing dog & kid friendly rescued Pit-Major needs a home
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Independant rescuer Naomi Davis is hoping to find a home for Major.

Video of Major playing fetch with a balhttps://www.facebook.com/furever.loyal.1/videos/vb.100005529318899/375233762670931/?type=2&theater
Video of Major playing fetch w a frezby https://www.facebook.com/furever.loyal.1/videos/vb.100005529318899/375436949317279/?type=2&theater
Major's facebook post https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204454856034402&set=a.10200533277557391.1073741825.1321786347&type=1&theater

 Gayla Geist
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From: Monika C. Valdes
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Subject: Major

Hey Guys,

You know I hate to be a bug but sometimes this attachment and sentiment is completely unavoidable. I got the chance to work with this wonderful and beautiful fur baby named Major.  

He is a Pit-Lab mix. Now, I am not one to pass judgment to any of these little creatures but as most of you are well aware this breed tends to latch on a very opposing view and carries negative stigma. I had and still have my doubts but in no way shape or form would I completely avoid the idea. When I met Major, got to know him and fell in love with him, I knew that we all have to take these dogs on a case by case basis.

My very good friend, had this pup from the second he left his Momma. They named Major and that he is. MAJOR. I got the chance to work with him and alongside him for 7-8 months while he was in my friends care. We taught him fetch and many other tricks that his foster Mom continues to practice with him while in her care. My friend watches kids around the clock and he was always so good around them. At times, he would jump on them if they had a toy or a ball and due to his weight and size he would scare them or knock them down accidently. The kids eventually got to know him and they LOVED him and he loved them back. He was never aggressive or territorial when it came to the kids. Although, he did care and watch them very closely. He grew up alongside Dory, my friends other miniature Chihuahua and with her it was a love and hate relationship but he never hurt her. By the end of his time with my friend, he had accustomed himself to being Dory's baby brother and did so well with her and even took care of her.

Sadly, he needs a home and a good home, at that. He deserves it. With all the attributes he carries he should not be in foster for long but my hopes (and dream) would be that he stay within a range where I could still see him. Is that somewhat selfish? It is selfish. J Either way, my ultimate goal is that he result with a family that will love him unconditionally and give him what he needs. He needs to be in a home with a big yard. Possibly a home with kids older than toddler age (so he doesn't knock them down). He did well with having that one small dog but might not do well with someone who has more than one. It is that attention thing. I must say, he has been doing very well at his foster moms and she has about 6 dogs total. He is kennel trained for all of us who work and don't like to leave them unattended(and he listens so well). He loves-loves-loves balls. He's smart and very precise about everything he does. I even think he would serve better as a service dog or a military, police dog. That is how swift, responsive, smart and agile he is. His foster mom, Naomi, recently got him up to date on his shots and got him fixed. If I had a house he would be with me already. He is a treasure, I tell you.

For those of you who have a FACEBOOK, log on to Furever Loyal. https://www.facebook.com/furever.loyal.1. This is an organization ran by Ms. Naomi Davis who is a passionate and caring animal lover that fosters pups. She is awesome and I look forward to her posts on Major's progression daily!

Pass the word down, please. <3

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