Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Denton TX: Animal Shelter. Urgent. 21 pooches are available for adoption and or rescue NOW! STILL WAITING!

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Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 1:12 PM
Subject: STILL WAITING!! - Denton, TX Animal Shelter - 21 pooches are available for adoption and or rescue NOW!!!

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- Denton, TX Animal Shelter - 21 pooches are available for adoption and/or rescue NOW!!!
Denton Shelter desperately needing some help!! Lots of cute pictures and great dogs here. 

Many are just about out of time, and have been there far too long!  Please help if you can!  

CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW, or EMAIL AMY FOR INFORMATION. dale.amyposkey@verizon.net         (at      verizon.net).

Email: gayla.nelsen@cityofdenton.com       (at     cityofdenton.com),
dentonshelterdogs@yahoo.com       (at     yahoo.com),  
And/or: dentonanimalservices@yahoo.com      (at     yahoo.com), Phone number: 940-349-7594.

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Date: Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 10:55 AM
Denton, TX Animal Shelter - 21 pooches are available for adoption and/or rescue NOW!!!
All these babies are still waiting and I'm still begging!  Some of these angels have been at the shelter for TWO MONTHS and there is absolutely no reason they haven't been adopted cuz they are FANTASTIC pooches!!!

From: Dale Poskey [mailto:dale.amyposkey@verizon.net]
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- Denton, TX Animal Shelter - 22 pooches are available for adoption and/or rescue NOW!!!

Well, I just don't know what else to do except continue to beg for these babies.  They continue to fall from the sky and nobody has stepped up to adopt or rescue any of these absolutely wonderful pooches.  The fact that they are all still alive says just how wonderful they are and they hope you will come see for yourself!

Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center
3717 N. Elm Street
Denton, TX  76207
Adoption hours are Mon. - Sat. 10 am - 5:00 pm, and Service hours are Mon. - Sat. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone:  940-349-7594
Fax:  940-349-7697

The adoption fee pays to have the dog spayed/neutered, pre-surgical pain meds, one overnight stay at vet, suture removal, and 2 week checkup; Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP vaccines; occult HW test & 1st month HW preventative; treatment for fleas & ticks; de-worming for hook & round worms; Microchip.  Rescues can pull for free.

Note: At the Denton Animal Shelter euthanasia is determined by space, health, and temperament of the dog and they do not have a specific day they euthanize, nor do they provide a EU list.  Therefore, I don't always know when or which dogs will be euthanized, so I try to save as many dogs as I can cuz time is of the essence. 
As always, if you are not able to help, please forward this email to your contacts.


BOB is a 2-5 yr young male Australian Cattle Dog mix who was found as a stray and he wants outta jail TODAY!  He is such a handsome boy, and is friendly with people and all his pooch pals at the shelter!  Poor baby has some hair loss but should be fine with a good diet and lots of TLC!
UPDATE:  This angel is looking and feeling so much better now that he's receiving the care he needed.  It's always such a joy to see these furry kids blossom and Bob wants you to see for yourself!  BTW, check out the one little eyebrow dot above his left eye in that black patch!  That dot needs to be kissed every single day by his new family!!!

THOR is an adult (age?) male Bully boy who was adopted and returned, but I don't know why cuz he's a handsome, sweet boy who is also friendly with all his pooch pals!  This picture doesn't do him justice… in person his coat is absolutely stunning!  Now Thor is looking for a second chance in a FOREVER home!

GUMMIE BEAR is a 2-5 yr young female Pittie who was found as a stray.  Poor baby arrived very thin and looks like she has been bred quite a bit.  She also had a wound to her face but it is healing well.   Gummie Bear is the SWEETEST pooch and deserves to be pampered from now on!   This angel enjoys going on walks and gets along with her pooch pals at the shelter, too!!
UPDATE:  Gummie Bear is looking so much better and is ready for a family of her own!  As you can see, her ouchies have healed and she's just so beautiful!  SHE IS THE SWEETEST GIRL EVER!!!!!

ANGEL is a 1-2 yr young female Pittie, who was found as a stray.  She has a spay tattoo and a microchip, but her owners were unable to be contacted.  Angel is very submissive, and a bit scared at the shelter, but will probably flourish in a home of her own.  Poor baby just lies in her kennel quietly, so she isn't getting any attention from potential adopters. 

THOR is a 2-5 yr young male Pittie who is such a GREAT boy!  He knows how to sit, shake, and stay when asked and also seems to be housebroken because he doesn't like to potty in his kennel!  Thor is very friendly and enjoys playing with his pooch pals in the play yard!

CHELSEA is a 1-2 yr young female Pittie girl with the best smile and most adorable perky ears!  She is a goofy, happy, active girl who just makes you smile!  Chelsea loves to go on walks and would make a great walking or jogging buddy!

RUCKUS is a 1-2 yr young male Pittie who was found as a stray.  He is an active, energetic boy and would make a great jogging buddy!  This handsome guy acts housebroken since he tries not to go potty in his kennel.   Ruckus is such a friendly boy!

BART is a 1-2 yr young male Bully boy with the most beautiful coat!  I just love that brown patch over his left eye as well as the brown markings all over his sweet little body!  Bart is energetic, loves to go on walks, and would make a great walking buddy!  This sweet boy can also sit when asked!

MINNY is an adult (age?) female Bully mix who gave us a big smile for the camera hoping to steal your heart!  This girl is ready to be yours TODAY!!!

TAZ is an adult (age?) male Rottie mix who would like his new family to kiss those sweet eyebrow dots over and over again!   Taz is such a handsome boy!

RUSTY is a 6 mo young male Black Mouth Cur mix, who was found as a stray in Corinth.  This sweetheart is really pulling my heartstrings because he is just so sweet, even though he hasn't had the best life so far.  I mean, look at that precious face and those pleading eyes!  That middle picture tells the story of this angel and it breaks my heart.  Poor baby has quite a bit of hair loss due to some sort of skin allergy, and he is way too thin so he needs lots of TLC and extra groceries.  PLEASE take this angel home with you TODAY!!!
Update:  Rusty has gained a little weight and his hair is starting to fill in, and he feels so much better now that he's got shelter and food, but he would prefer to have his very own home with YOU!  He's just the sweetest boy and enjoys any attention he gets from the volunteers while wagging his tail 100mph!  Rusty also gets along great with other pooches!
Second Update RUSTY had Demodectic mange, which is NOT contagious, and he has been treated.  His fur is starting to grow back, and he will have the most beautiful red coat!!!  RUSTY has the BEST temperament, and loves all people, and adores other dogs.  He loves other dogs so much that he needs to go to a home where he will have a doggie companion.  This sweet boy is crate trained, working on potty training, and is a pretty laid back guy.  RUSTY is FULLY VETTED and available NOW!  He is currently in a foster home, so if you are interested in meeting him, please contact Kim at: cgaffey@centurytel.net       (at      centurytel.net).

BROCK is a 5-8 yr young male Rat Terrier who was found as a stray.  He is a really friendly boy, and seems to get along with other pooches, too!  Brock enjoys going on walks and is a chunky, loveable, well-behaved boy!  All he wants to do when going for a walk is roll in the grass, and have his tummy rubbed!  It's just too cute!
UPDATE: Sweet Brock is in isolation now because he got kennel cough, so he is not getting any foot traffic at all.   Isolation is NOT fun at all because they are all by themselves except for the occasional visit from a shelter volunteer or meal time.  Please give Brock a place to call home!!

SAWYER is a 2-5 yr young male Pittie/Peruvian Inca Orchid mix, who is wondering why his family hasn't come to get him, but he says he would really like to go home with you TODAY!  He is a handsome, sweet boy and has a very unusual look!   
I have attached a link below about the Peruvian breed, so check it out and go get this sweetie pie! http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/peruvianincaorchid.htm

TANGO:  PET ID 57232
TANGO is a 1-2 yr young male Bully boy and the first picture makes me giggle cuz I always love the close up shots of their snouts!  Plus, that big 'ole smile just makes me smile it's so contagious!  This big boy is large and in charge!  He is enthusiastic, loves to go on walks but could use some leash training.  He is very friendly with people but likes to choose his own doggie friends.

BAILEY is a 6-12 mo young female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and she is just precious, as well as a beautiful gal with that jet black coat and white markings!  She is looking for someone to love her forever!   Could that be you?!

BUDDY:  PET ID 57253
BUDDY is a 2-5 yr young male Pittie/Shepherd mix with the most beautiful golden eyes and vanilla blonde coat!  He's ready to be YOURS!

ASHLYN is a 2-5 yr young female Pittie girl, who could use a few extra groceries in her new furever home!  Her white-tipped toes are adorable!

HENRY is a 2-5 yr young male Terrier mix with the cutest under bite!  He is a medium sized boy, and is a little slow to warm up to people, but once he does he will be your best friend!  Henry is HOUSEBROKEN, and seems to get along with the other pooches at the shelter!

CACHITO is an adult (age?) male Chihuahua mix, who was surrendered by his owner.  Poor baby was terrified when he first arrived at the shelter, but is now becoming more comfortable and friendly!   Cachito would probably do best in a calm household.  Please give this boy a chance!

OLLIE is an 8 mo. young male Labby mix, and he's ready to share that sweet smile and great disposition with his new FOREVER family! 

HENLEY is a 4 mo young female Pittie girl, who is simply adorable!