Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gardena CA: Exit Photos! Where to send pledges re: GOOD NEWS! RE: Senior Spitz (ALASKAN MALAMUTE/GSD) was impounded at CARSON June 1st!

Boots has left the building! "He is remarkable."

"Boots is safe at vet's and doing fine."

Please share. Please donate (indicate your gift is for Boots) at:
His earlier photo/thread by Saving Carson Shelter Pets has moved into the volunteers' SAFE Album. His photo/thread is where one of Boots' champion's statement below may be viewed in the original. Thanks to all who have been helping Boots.

"Another chance at life 💜. His rescue was a coordinated effort...thanks to some amazing, dedicated people! Many thanks the Pehoviack's, the Hinnant's, and Westside GSD Rescue for their time and efforts! He will be fostered before going to his new home...he is remarkable. For those that pledged, you may donate to Westside for now, as he is safe at vet's and doing fine!…"


6/17 POST

Boots has left the building! Thanks to all who have been helping Boots. A champion for Boots just wrote on a Facebook thread, "He is and where to donate to follow. Plz be patient"

6/16 POST
It was just announced that efforts are underway to rescue him.
Plans are being made now for this boys rescue...more details to follow. Everyone can relax though:)
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Carole Kramer Clark contacted the shelter and got Boots an extension til 6/20. Christienne Morgan called the shelter re how he is with other dogs and the shelter informed her that he is not reactive with other dogs, just a bit aloof and hanging out in his cage. I have not heard of any rescuer, foster or adopter stepping up for him. The shelter is the contact. The shelter has given him time and exposure. It is up to a rescuer, foster, or adopter to take action steps.
Penny Eims at has posted for Boots:
Penny Eims has posted for Boots A4837181 at

Unfortunately nobody has gotten this Malamute/GSD senior out of jail. His record has displayed on the internet for 5 days and he has been impounded in the Carson hell hole for 15 days. He doesn't have the future lined up that he deserves. The shelter is the contact if you want to spring him.
 6/13 POST
This photo was posted by Shelley Appelbaum 6/10/15 on the Facebook photo/thread referenced below for Boots A4837181
6/10/15 POST
Boots was surrendered to the Carson facility June 1st, 2015

Today 10-year-old Spitz A4837181, named "Boots" by his previous owner, has a different photo, is now correctly labeled with ALASKAN MALAMUTE as his primary breed, and is publicly displayed in the database!!!
Per a visitor yesterday, he is quiet & reserved in his cell; she was told he may be given more time to attract rescue. His owner turned him in because he could not afford to take him to the vet to have his wound treated. Please rescue, adopt or offer to foster him if you can! To offer a foster home, email CARSONFOSTERS@GMAIL.COM right away. He has been impounded since June 1st. He wasn't displayed in the high-kill, overfull shelter's database until last night or this morning 6/10/15! It is difficult to tolerate the Carson shelter setting for one, let alone ten, days. It is difficult for owner-surrenders to escape the lethal injection that comes to them in about five days. Please may he finally get out NOW! Please share.
Boots A4837181 needs rescue NOW

There is some discrepancy in the description of this dog A4837181 but the photograph and his video are clear. He is sad and stoic but wishes to be rescued! The shelter doesn't show him in the database either because of the erroneous breed ID they first used (they since changed it to MALAMUTE) or because of his injury? Some people say he seems to be a GSD/Malamute. The Facebook photo/thread says he was a stray impounded on June 1st but, per shelter, this beautiful boy was turned in by his owner because owner could not afford to take him to vet to treat his wound. Owner named him Boots. Shelter did not displayed him in the database at all and tomorrow 6/10/15 his time is up. He needs out.


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