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GOLDSBORO, NC - TWO SR. DOGS, 14 & 12 YRS. OLD, "Joe and Scrappy" - Needing rescue!

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Subject: GOLDSBORO, NC - TWO SR. DOGS, 14 & 12 YRS. OLD, "Joe and Scrappy" - Needing rescue!
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- TWO SR. DOGS, 14 & 12 YRS. OLD, Joe and Scrappy - Needing rescue!

Luckily they are in temp foster situation in order to have mercy on them, and to help them, so that they don't linger in a shelter, but they do need rescue ASAP!!

From: Susan Dodson       (at
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 11:26 PM
Joe and Scrappy!!

Hi Everyone;

We are asking for help with 2 senior dogs that we have at the shelter.  We have currently moved them out of the shelter, and into temporary foster homes, but they really need a rescue/sanctuary.

Joe was an owner turn-in for biting, when his owner decided that he didn't deserve the bone he had just given him, and he slapped him and took it away, Joe bitHe was dumped at the shelter at 12 years old, and was tentatively reclaimed by the owner's daughter who called Joe's owner (her dad) a mean son of a gun…  

Sandy and I found Joe a wonderful foster home that was supposed to keep him for 2 months while she searched for a new home for her and Joe.  Well 2 months has turned into 3 months, the foster has an elderly mother that is complaining about Joe.  When the owner was told he had to be reclaimed by her, her comment was "oh just put him to sleep".  Apparently that apple didn't fall that far off that tree.  So now the foster is caught between her 90 year old mother and Joe.

Joe is housetrained, gets along well with her 4 other dogs, he lives in the house.  He is gentle and loves people.  He has some prostate problems, but is on no medication.  He is NOT neutered and the vet who has seen him does not recommend it due to his age.  He is a bit wobbly in the back end, but does his best to play and keep up with the younger dogs.  He IS housetrained, but needs to be let out on a shorter schedule than the other dogs because of the prostrate problems. 

Scrappie is neutered, and 14 years young.  Someone forgot to tell Scrappie he was an old guy, and to look at him, you'd think he was 3.  He does have some arthritic issues in the back end, and appears to be hard of hearing.  He needs much better nutrition than he has been getting.  Because of the concrete floors, Scrappie has been moved to a temporary foster situation, but he needs a rescue.  He loves people, and loves to be the center of a crowd.  He went to the Pets Mart adoption this past weekend and loved it.  He got along with all the dogs and the people.

If you guys could please help us network for these wonderful seniors, we would greatly appreciate it!  They are awesome boys, and we don't want to see them back at the shelter, where they will be in danger of being PTS when they return.

Sandy Davis, Rescue Coordinator      (at

Or: Susan Dodson:
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