Friday, August 21, 2015

Greenville MS: 8/20/15 update re: Urgent! Rescue & amputation needed for gentle but fearful 3-year-old German Shepherd mix female "Pipsqueak"

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 6:01 PM, Linda Merideth <> wrote:
As y'all know, I now have Pipsqueak here in FL with me!   Although she is extremely timid, she is, in my opinion, doing FANTASTIC!   On Tuesday of this week, I took Pippa (her new name!) to Dr. Rowe at the Animal Hospital here in Gulf Breeze.   Dr. Rowe took X-rays (which I asked for on a CD so that I would have them available for future vets) and discussed them with me.....Dr. Rowe stated that she did not think the leg could be saved, but she said that if anyone could save it, it would be Dr. Montgomery at the Davis Animal Hospital in Pensacola......we were able to get an appointment for today at 11:00 am.

Today, we saw Dr. Montgomery.  Dr. Montgomery was the orthopedic surgeon at Auburn University Veterinary School for 31 yrs.   He is highly respected.   

Dr. Montgomery had read the 21 pages of prior vet history of Pippa's and after watching Pippa walk a few minutes, he said, "There is no reason to amputate."   She is walking good, trotting, and does not appear to be in pain."   He did say that I might want to begin giving her Rimadyl, but that until the infection (which is not curable) flared up again and got to the point of requiring amputation, he would not even consider it. 

Dr. Montgomery did give me six weeks of Doxycycline ($172.80) and his office examination/consultation was $135 and Tuesday's vet examination was $148, but it is worth every penny to now know that Pippa has been examined by an orthopedic specialist who is adamant that her leg should NOT be amputated at this time.   

Dr. Montgomery gave me a lot of comfort when he told me that unless Pippa had had medical care fairly soon after whatever trauma she had to her leg, there would have been little chance of EVER 

Should anyone be able to make a small donation to help cover Pippa's medical, I ask that donations be made payable to the Animal Welfare League so they will be tax-deductible.  Checks should go to: 

Animal Welfare League
1194 Oxford Place
Greenville, MS   38701 

I thank you in advance for your support.   Our prayers were answered!!

This is the best news we could have asked for!!  Thank all of you for your prayers!!

Linda J. Merideth
Phone:  662-822-0000

7/10/15 POST

Linda Meredith posted an update to Pipsqueak's YouCaring last night. Please click on the YouCaring to view.
6/30/15 POST

Click above or on link for excellent June 29, 2015 video of Pip which was taken by Linda's friend in Greenville MS.

This is an extremely sad case. This sweet dog was probably beaten when she was a young puppy. She is "Special Needs" due to abuse when she was a puppy, abandonment, a chronic & urgent leg issue (osteomyelitis) that needs attention, and a couple of years of living in a Greenville family's yard instead of inside a home. It was supposed to be a temporary place until foster or adoption was found, but time marched on :-(

After Pipsqueak was abandoned with her mother in a rest room at the convention center in Greenville MS in 2012, and was rescued, her mother was eventually adopted which seriously traumatized Pipsqueak. She is currently friends with the other dog at the home but is afraid of most people. Linda Meredith (who now lives in another town/state 6 hours away) has been writing and posting for qualified rescue for her for 2-1/2 years. Her latest pleas are from March, April and June 23 this year, but there is no rescue or surgery planned for her as of yet. Pipsqueak seriously needs immediate rescue, amputation, and socialization so she can become adoptable or live out her life in a pleasant sanctuary-type setting. 

Linda has now set up a 

Please HELP Save Pipsqueak!

 YouCaring the link to which is:

Please donate, share and help find immediate qualified rescue for this deserving girl if you can.  Please contact Linda Meredith 662-822-0000 to offer assistance or for further information: <>