Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hamilton, IL: Lab, Husky, Pointer mixes - lots of really wonderful k9's need to be saved!

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From: "Anissa Sadeghi" <westhancockk9@mchsi.com>
Date: Jun 9, 2015 6:25 AM
Subject: Hamilton, IL: WHCR lab, husky x, senior, pointer x-lots of really wonderful k9's need saved!
To: "Anissa Sadeghi" <westhancockk9@mchsi.com>

Male jrt and female jrt/fox terrier mix.  Maggie, very sweet girl, great with everyone, 3 yrs old, she has a heart murmur.

Hamilton, IL: WHCR need help with the placement of the dogs below.  We also have a new breeder release list.  If anyone can please help sponsor, adopt or rescue, please contact westhancockk9@mchsi.com.  We need help with sponsorships for the breeders!   Thank you!
Carthage, IL: County Animal Control Dogs-will be PTS if not rescued!
Austin, male neutered pointer/boxer mix, 2 yrs old, not good with chickens :( which is why he was dumped at the pound.  Very sweet social boy who is great with other dogs!
Mason is a large mastiff mix, around 70lbs, super sweet and friendly, under 2 yrs old, great with everyone!! Very polite, calm well behaved.
Jordan, male young under a year old blk lab.  He is sweet and social, good with other dogs and kids.  Around 50lbs, lots of energy!
Keokuk, Iowa: City animal control, will be PTS if not rescued! 

Brownie is a young lab/pit male, picked up as a stray.  Sweet personality.  Good with other dogs.  Super skinny ... guessing 35 lbs is all.   Needs groceries!  :-(

Marley is a one year old neutered lab/husky mix.  He was surrendered because his people divorced ... he was brought up with 3 kids and a kitten.  UTD on vaccines thru 2/16.  Tall, skinny boy.  Sweet disposition and good with dogs.
Ft Madison Iowa animal control:  She will be PTS if not rescued!
Annie, this sweet girl's owner has died & his family didn't want her so they signed her over. I'm guessing she's around 6 yrs. old. Can't see a spay scar. Appears to have had pups.