Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hamilton IL: Terriers, Husky mix, Boxer, Min Pin, Hound ALL NEED HELP!!!

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Date: Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 5:34 PM
Subject: Hamilton, IL: Terriers, husky mix, boxer, min pinx, hound ALL NEED HELP!!!
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NO OFFERS!! Hamilton, IL: WHCR need help with the placement of the dogs below. If anyone can please help sponsor, adopt or rescue, please contact  Thank you!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!  BEGGING FOR HELP FOR THIS PAIR!!  Male jrt, 3yrs, breeder released, sweet active dog and female jrt/fox terrier mix, 2 yrs old, breeder release, on the shy side but doing much better!!
Clyde, male 6-7month old, husky boxer/bully mix, around 35lbs. 
Bruce, male brindle full boxer, 3ish years old, dumped at the pound.
Clara, female hound/beagle mix, 5-6yrs old, 40lbs, very sweet and gentle.  Found wondering the streets :(
Chester, male min pin mix, around 1-2yrs old.  Scared at the pound, found stray.  15lbs.
Crow, male terrier mix, around a yr old.  Shy at first but wants to trust, wags his tail :)  25lbs.
Keokuk, Iowa: City animal control, will be PTS if not rescued! 
Just look at that smile!!!   Brownie is a young lab/pit male, picked up as a stray.  Sweet personality.  Good with other dogs.  Super skinny ... guessing 40 lbs is all.