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Crystal says they were rescued. No details were given. Thanks to all who crossposted for them.
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Subject: Hickory, NC - 2 DACHSHUNDS LIVING OUTSIDE NEED RESCUE! - One is 12 yrs. old!
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- Hickory, NC - 2 DACHSHUNDS LIVING OUTSIDE NEED RESCUE!! - One is 12 yrs old!

My goodness, their bowls are dry.   I hope there are other water bowls there in that pen.

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A lady in Sawmills, Debbie, has sent me a request for help in finding her 2 Dachshunds a new home.  She is a small crippled woman, and is going for another back surgery soon. 

From Debbie:
I have a major problem.  I need to find my 2 dogs a good home.  My house and the dogs are infested with fleas, and I cannot keep up with it.  I have used bombs and Sevin dust.  My health is getting worse, and I can not longer care for them the way I should.  I don't want to take them to the pound.  I have no help with them.  I am facing another back operation, and will be in a rehabilitation center 6/8 weeks.  I have to buy the small bags of dog food because I cannot handle the large ones now. 

I know this is very unorganized, and probably does not make a lot of sense.  The main thing is my dogs need a new home.  

Please help me if you can.  Thanks.

Both are great around kids and other animals.  I have had other dogs around them, and there are other dogs in our neighborhood that they have been around.  The neighborhood kids and my grandson used to be around them all the time.  I keep them in the lot now because of the fleas, but their used to being out to play when I was home.  They are both house-trained.  But again I have had them in the lot most of the time for the last several months.  I have taken them out regularly for walks around the yard.  They both are due for their rabies shots in Aug.

The best way to tell them apart is.  Frozie is the oldest with the long hair.  The other is Bobby with the short hair.  Frozie is Bobby daddy.

Individual information will follow the picture's.

Frozie is 12 years old.  He is full blooded long hair standard dachshund.  I got him when he was a year old.  He wasn't born in Wisconsin on May 14, 2003.  He is a small to medium size dog.  He has always been around other animals and kids.  He likes to lie on his back in the cool.  He has not been fixed.  I had my female fixed when she was alive. 

Bobby is a full Dachshund, but he is a mix between Frozie a standard long haired, and Lady which was a miniature short haired dachshund.  He is 5 years old, and was born in Lenoir on Nov.15, 2010.  I have had him all his life.  He was the runt from the 2 and last litter of Frozie and Lady.  He is a small dog.  He is due for rabies shot in Aug. 

Their is no medical records for either dog.  The rabies shots were done at one of those clinics but I don't know where those papers are.  My x husband have both of them their other shots.  He got them from tractor supply.  They both have been very healthy dogs.  Never any problems.

This is very hard for me.  It was a decision I reached after a lot of crying and praying.  

Please help me do what is right for them.  

Thanks!  I appreciate any help you can offer!

Crystal Mosteller Hopson