Thursday, June 25, 2015

HOUSTON TX: Urgent Sweet Senior Beagle/Basset Hound "Bonnie" Needs Foster, No-kill Rescue or Loving Forever Home

From: Estelle Mack <>
Date: June 25, 2015 
**$150 donations to reputable rescue who takes her** Please contact her rescuer Rose at 832 443 5178 or email her at She can only hold on to this little lovely until 7/3!!!
Rose has been putting up fliers in Kingwood where Bonnie (her new name) was found, but no one is claiming this darling sweetheart of a girl and she is not microchipped. It is very possible that she was dumped. Bonny is very affectionate and loves people (including children-- Rose's grandchildren came over and Bonnie came right up to the baby and delivered a soft kiss ) and other dogs too.
Rose took her to the vet as she seemed miserable with her ears and he estimated her to be 10 years old. She also tested heartworm positive and her ears had bacteria and yeast. The vet flushed them and then packed them with a treatment that is supposed to last 2 weeks.  

Bonnie is a delightful soul.  She is house trained and her tail wags in delight every time someone enters the room....though she is reluctant to give up her place on the couch.  Rose did discover that the phrase "Let's go for a ride" motivates her to the back door and she does LOVE to go for a ride. She is a girl who clearly has fallen on hard times.  She was once loved and taken for rides.  She has very likely been spending the last few years as a yard dog with minimal care.  Rose suspects she was abandoned out here when her ears got infected and whoever had her did not want to deal with the problem.  
Please share far and wide as Rose can only hold on to this sweet senior girl until 7/3. Again, Vanita Merchandani has pledged $100 to the reputable no-kill rescue who can take her in and I am pledging $50. Bonnie deserves to spend her golden years being spoiled rotten and not ending at the pound where she will be euthanized.