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NYC: Event. 6/24 10:30 AM. "Serious Viruses Strike ACC Dogs - Another Reason Not to Miss the June 24th ACC Board Meeting"

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Subject: FW: Serious Viruses Strike ACC Dogs: Another Reason Not to Miss the June 24th ACC Board Meeting

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Subject: NYC: Serious Viruses Strike ACC Dogs: Another Reason Not to Miss the June 24th ACC Board Meeting
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Serious Viruses Strike ACC Dogs: Another Reason Not to Miss the June 24th ACC Board Meeting!
Mark your calendars and be there:
AC&C Board of Directors Meeting
June 24, 2015, 10:30am
125 Worth Street, NY, NY
Please have your photo ID to gain access into the building
Also be sure to read below: Email sent to NYC ACC by someone named Amy Elizabeth Marino, in prep for June 24 meeting


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          June 18, 2015
Reports of serious viruses now striking ACC dogs offer another reason why animal advocates (and particularly rescue groups) should attend the Wednesday, June 24th Animal Care and Control Board meeting .  The ACC will report on its much-heralded progress. 

Indeed, the ACC has made progress.  But that doesn't change the fact that the ACC operates in underfunded, overcrowded, and outdated buildings that breed more and more novel diseases.

What's ironic is that NYC's Department of Health (which controls the ACC) may find itself faced with an unprecedented health crisis ... one of its own making.

That said, here are the 4 top reasons you should attend the June 24th board meeting:
(1)  WHERE'S THE "CARE" IN THE RENAMED ACC?  Animal Care & Control just announced a major "rebranding."  They've ditched the off-putting word "Control" from their name in favor of "Animal Care Centers of NYC." 

ACC Management also says that so far this year they've exceeded a 90% "Live Release Rate" (the percentage of ACC animals leaving the shelter alive).  If they keep up that pace, by year's end the ACC will declare themselves  "no kill" (which a shelter can do if it kills no more than 10% of its animals).  Then animal advocates can turn their attention elsewhere because NYC's animal homeless problem will have been solved. 

Uh, not so fast. 

ACC readily acknowledges that this 90% statistic would be impossible without its rescue partners.  According to ACC statistics, rescuers account for almost 3 out of every 4 "placements."   What the public doesn't realize is once the ACC declares itself "no kill,"  those partners will be left holding the bag. 

While 90% of its animals leave the ACC alive ... far too many are just barely so (meaning, alive).  FACEBOOK is abuzz with pleas for donations by ACC rescuers who are buckling under the weight of vet bills.

Unfortunately, the ACC won't be able to live up to its new name of "Animal Care Centers" as long as the Department of Health is in charge.

(2)  WHAT'S IN STORE FOR THE BRONX AND QUEENS?  As Comptroller Scott Stringer recently noted, adding state-of-the-art shelters for the Bronx and Queens would relieve ACC overcrowding.  Overcrowding in turn generates shelter diseases.  Yet, with the ACC's help, the Department of Health recently derailed the Shelters Bill. Neither the DOH nor the ACC has described the specific services they say will serve the Bronx and Queens as well as full-service shelters.  That's certainly something animal advocates would like explained to them at the Board Meeting.

(3)  NEW FACES ON THE ACC BOARD.  Six months ago the DOH announced it would allow the ACC to expand its board by adding 2 more "independent" board members.  Will these new members be extraordinary individuals who will challenge the status quo and the DOH?  Or the same old, same old? 
(4)  WHEN WILL THE DOH DELIVER ON ITS PROMISED CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE ACC?  To blunt the impact of Comptroller Scott Stringer's recent audit of the ACC, six months ago the DOH promised to make certain capital improvements to the existing shelters.  But the DOH has been fuzzy about exactly when they'll deliver on those promises.  That's a great question for next week's meeting.

With these issues affecting NYC's homeless animals, pet owners, animal advocates, and rescue groups alike, the June 24th meeting is a must-attend.  Please join us at the meeting.
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Email sent to NYC ACC by someone named Amy Elizabeth Marino, in prep for June 24 meeting


June 13, 2015 at 7:34pm
To whom it may concern:
Today is the day we stand up for the voiceless; the defenseless-the homeless animals of NYC. They only have us. Every day, city residents dump their unwanted pets into the ACC. Many of them do not come out. They wind up in trash bags to their final resting place-trashed as if their life never mattered. Or their remains wind up in the refrigerator of the ACC. But their lives DO matter. They matter to us.Every night, there is a laundry list of sweet, innocent, unlucky pets who wind up on Death Row. Some make it out. Some do not. Many of the unlucky ones happen to be pit bulls or senior pets. Or unhealthy ones that the owners don't want. Many pets are found wandering somewhere, or tied up, or abandoned, then killed, given no chance. Even prisoners on Death Row receive better treatment. They get 3 meals a day, clean clothes, a place to call "home. More of a home than these animals get, when these criminals committed horrible crimes! THESE ANIMALS DID NOTHING! They were loyal companions to selfish humans, even their kids, and they get repaid with possible death! How unfortunate that people on Death Row get treated better than our faithful innocent animals!

The ACC is in dire need of reform! NYC is the richest city in the world, but they treat animals so poorly. Humans are not killed for being homeless, so why should pets? The ACC needs to be exposed of its dirty deeds too. Scott Stringer did an audit in April of 2015, leading to the death of more than 100 cats in April and May. So I guess it's safe to say that his audit really accomplished nothing, other than anger Risa Weinstock, so she killed all these animals. There is NOT ONE OUNCE of care at Animal Care and Control.There also needs to be awareness. People need to be informed as to what the possible consequences are for the animal if no home is found for them. And, in the day where technology rules our lives, with Wi-fi, smart phones, etc, you can look up NO KILL shelters. Sending your beloved pets to this deathtrap should NOT be an option. If people were faced with some kind of consequence, maybe they would rethink their decision. I beg you to make NYC no kill. These poor, sweet, innocent, little angels deserve it. It breaks my heart to see the pictures of their little faces. To think they get killed for human greediness and ignorance is sickening and heartbreaking. To make NYC no kill has been a broken promise of elected officials for years now. So when is it finally going to happen?

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