Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ocala FL: GOOD NEWS! RE: SOS! Purebred HANDSOME big Rottweiler baby (105 pounds) NEEDS IMMEDIATE RESCUE

Thank you to everyone who is helping Miko. The rescue group that is taking Miko is:
Miko will be neutered, checked out completely, and there is already a prospective adopter being home-checked this weekend.
Please contact the rescue group with your congratulations, donations, and applications to adopt or volunteer.
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Date: 2:11PM, Tue, Jun 9, 2015
Subject: Ocala FL: (Military dad) PB Rotty needs immediate help

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From: Michelle Cubbage Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 8:12 AM
Subject: (Military dad) Rotty needs immediate help

Hi all
Please look at the attached photos for the Rotty that needs immediate help.  His dad was deployed in the military and his sister (my friend) is trying to keep him but she got caught by her landlord.  He is in Ocala FL and we can arrange transport if he needs it.  He needs a loving family that can give him a forever home.
If you are not interested in adopting him please share in the hopes you know someone that might. Here is the contact: Emily [----- @] and his bio is below.
PS – please note he is not neutered I don't want him to go to a breeder.
Thank you
Hello, I have a German Rottweiler named Miko, he is a year and a half and he is just the biggest baby. Such a cuddle bug. He is up to date on all his shots, I don't have his papers and I have no idea how to get them but he is full bred. I was watching him for my brother who went to the military and they are sending him to Texas and they won't let Miko go with him and my landlord found out about me having miko the other day and gave me a week to get rid of him. He is crate trained and has a crate. He is fully housebroken. He is not fixed, from what I know he is okay with dogs but I'm not 100% sure. He is okay with kids. Like I said he is the biggest baby and always wants loving. He weighs 105 lbs, big boy so he needs a yard. I wish I could keep him. Thank You So Much for Your help. :)