Thursday, July 9, 2015

Queens, NYC NY: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent! Bonded Tabby Brothers Jeremy & Jeff Losing Home This Week!

July 8, 2015 Remember Jeremy and Jeff?? Bonded Brothers.. Inseparable! Second photo is of them in their new, loving...
Posted by Trudy Schilder on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Can be transported to safe, approved home anywhere in NYC or Westchester County.

6/17 POST

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Subject: Queens, NY **Jeremy and Jeff*** Losing Home this week!
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June 17
Queens, NY
Of the Utmost URGENCY
Jeremy (left) and his inseparable brother Jeff are about to lose their home THIS WEEK. They are four and half years old, neutered, micro chipped, friendly and cuddly, and absolutely dependent on each other. They sleep together, converse together, and wail if they are separated for even a few moments.
...They belonged to an elderly woman who adored them and took good care of them. Unfortunately, because of poor health she can no longer take care of them. Her daughter took them in, only to be told by her landlord that he would evict her if the cats were not out by this week.
This is really urgent. These are good-cats who are already bewildered by losing their mother and their home.
Jeremy and Jeff are located in Queens but can be transported to safe, approved home anywhere in NYC or Westchester. Please email
asap if you can help