Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Teaneck NJ: SOS! Mom+2 kittens need help! Someone keeps barricading them to starve them

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From: "Gregg Mayer" <wellbeings77@macgreggor.com>
Date: Jun 23, 2015 6:38 AM
Subject: NJ: NEED IMMEDIATE HELP SOS! Teaneck NJ - 2 kittens need help! Someone covering their hole to lock them and starve them
To: "All Sentient Beings (All Sentient Beings)" <wellbeings77@gmail.com>

 Please share with your Bergen County contacts….no time to lose!

Please share! 

Contact:  Violet <violetm64@yahoo.com>

I found cat with 2 kittens in Teaneck,they r hiding in small dirty hole by apartment building.I have been feeding them and noticed that every time I come back somebody is covering  their hole with small fence and they cannot get out of there.They r in danger.Can u please help them? I will help with money. My number 201-394-2728.