Monday, June 15, 2015

Thomaston GA: ULTRA URGENT! Many dogs with pictures but NO OFFERS. Other inmates without pictures!

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Date: Jun 15, 2015 7:21 AM
Subject: Thomaston GA~URGENTS and NO OFFERS~$$$$$$$~More dogs but no pics! These ULTRA URGENT!
Please crosspost~please forward~please network asap -- Very very urgent dogs ~ all adorable~Sponsorships!!!!
PLEASE act quickly - these sweethearts need help immediately!!!  Please look!  Mama with newborns~puppies~
senior Chi~Marcy--adorable 8-9 month old ULTRA URGENT!

From: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 10:10 AM
Subject: FW: Upson Shelter Thomaston ,Ga Many more dogs but NO PICTURES! . - URGENTS and NO OFFERS $$$$$ Still these5 dogs have no one!!!!
There are many more dogs at the shelter that do not have pictures.. I am really afraid for  the first five dogs as they have been there a few weeks and if there are too many they will have to be euthanized. Please don't let this happen.These are 5 wonderful dogs. I pray to god I can get these other dogs on this post on Monday or we are going to have a much  bigger problem.. Please crosspost for them! Thank you..Hope
CONTACT SHELTER:   (AT 706-647-5586    
CONTACT:  PEGGY FERRELL (AT   CELL  (706) 975-5824
CONTACT:  HOPE MASTER  (AT 904-797-9402
Hillary #15-0569  URGENT   $263 SPONSOR Female Hound mix I year 40 lbs .  Sweet dog, likes to play footsie, walks on lead- likes other dogs.-Avail today and just getting picture taken
Bustitbaby #15 -0594  URGENT    $537 SPONSOR young hound mix about  8-9 months and 35 lbs     picked up stray-He looks a bit scared but oh so sweet!
Kirk #15-0571   URGENT$328 SPONSOR  Young  adorable male hound mix 1+  years old and 35 lbs. Friendly dog picked up stray-Please save him!  May have incorrect ID #
Marcy-#15- 0571  URGENT  $500  SPONSOR  Adult Female Pit Bull mix about  8-9 months and 35 lbs., good dog, quiet laid back, will walk on a lead Was due out on the 19th  
Sarah #15-0585  URGENT  $242 SPONSOR Female Pit Bull mix  Adult a year and 40 lbs..  Nice dog picked up as a stray- Look at her adorable face! I Pray that she will make  it out of here..Corey loves this dog!!!
Honey Bunches of Oats- #15-0653-0659 $185 SPONSOR   Precious Litter of 7- 3 month old hound mix puppies 5 girls and 2 boys .Please get  them out of here!
Colorado- #15-0661  $75 SPONSOR Young male lab mix –Lovable puppy- good with other dogs! Please save him!!!!
Fettucini #15-0662 $83 SPONSOR   Terrier mix –Young male-Playful adorable pup!  Hurry and get him!
Carla #15-0598-  $185 SPONSOR Pregnant pit bull mix – HAD HER  6 PUPPIES TODAY AT THE SHELTER  - This family Needs to get out!!!! Very sweet girl –
Babs #15-0617   $90 SPONSOR Chi Senior? Appears to be a Senior, may just have had a rough journey, still a bit skittish, but will take treats from your hand