Friday, June 19, 2015

Thomaston GA~Upson Shelter~So many Dogs~Over Capacity~No Offers~All Kinds - all URGENT

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Date: Jun 19, 2015 4:42 PM
Subject: Thomaston GA~Upson Shelter~So many~Over Capacity~No Offers~$$$$$$~All Kinds - all URGENT
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Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 12:46 PM
Subject: FW: Upson Shelter Thomaston ,Ga SO MANY!!! OVER CAPACITY AGAIN!!!!!!! NO OFFERS $$$$$ All kinds PB Beagles, Lab mixes,Pretty hounds-PLeaes crosspost!!!

Again this shelter is inundated! We have great dogs, good sponsorships but NO OFFERS. Please can you crosspost? We lost many great dogs last week . Please do not let this happen again! Thanks Hope
CONTACT SHELTER:  (at   upsoncountyga.    org) 706-647-5586    
CONTACT:  PEGGY FERRELL   (at charter.    net) CELL  (706) 975-5824
CONTACT:  HOPE MASTER  (at   hope4dogs.   net) m904-797-9402
Luke- #15-0620 URGENT   $190 SPONSOR  Nice younger beagle mix, very active, loves a playmate.....Very cute dog! .
Ranada #15-0641 URGENT $78 SPONSOR   Young Female Hound mix Sweet younger dog, good with other dogs, very playful-Sooooooo adorable!!!!Just got picture today! Due out since June 4  - God help her!!!!
Burkett-   #15-0671  $145 SPONSOR Male Adult  Pit Bull Terrier mix  - Laid back, quiet, low activity, will walk on lead, picked up stray Looks like Carla the pregnant dog that was just rescued.. What a handsome guy!!!
Terry #15-0722 Young male hound mix(unknown) Nice younger pup picked up stray, walks on lead,........Avail 6/24
Shye- #15-0676 $185 SPONSOR     Young male hound mix  picked up stray ,does good with other dogs, but a little timid with people Avail 6/12
Gigi #15-0686  $180 SPONSOR Female  Retriever mix-  needs some work- not good on a lead, needs socializing with other dogs but what a happy girl –she deserves a chance... Please give her one!!!!
Vicky #15-0699 $150 SPONSOR  Lab pit mix  Young female High energy, sweet dog, does ok on a lead......Avail 6/15
Big Man and Nem #15-07907-0709,0710  $315 SPONSOR for the 3 Nice male Lab mix dad with 2 pups, 1 male and 1 female.....Avail 6/16
Dirk- -#15-0714  $195 SPONSOR  Beagle spaniel mix Great young dog, good with dogs, walks on lead.......Avail 6/23
Buckey #15-0715 Pure Bred Male Beagle Nice dog, plays well with others, walks on lead, minor skin issues.........Avail 6/17
Whip #15-0716 Pure Bred Male Beagle Nice active dog, good on lead, plays well with others.........Avail 6/17
New Harmony #15-0684 and #15- 0685 $130 SPONSOR  Young hound mixes –I female and I male picked up together-Please save together. Looks like they love each other!
Earl- #15-0688 $95 SPONSOR Young cute Male Pit Bull mix -   friendly dog picked up stray-Please help him to stay alive!!!!!Such a happy boy! He loves life!
Lacie #15-0721  Labrador mix-ALREADY SPAYEDAND CHIPPED  Nice dog, very friendly........Avail 6/17
Beavy Smith #15-0726 Sharpei mix  Adult Female Nice dog, good on a lead and with other dogs as well as cats........Avail 6/24
Shane  #15-0727    Pit Bull/unknown mix  Blue eyes   Young male, good on lead, good with kids, needs socializing with other dogs.....Avail 6/18