Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ThomastonGA~Still Begging~Precious Lives~ULTRA URGENT~DOGS/PUPS~More sponsorship $$$$

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Date: Jun 23, 2015 4:36 PM
Subject: ThomastonGA~Still Begging~Precious Lives~ULTRA URGENT~DOGS/PUPS~More sponsorship $$$$
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PLEASE CROSSPOST~PLEASE FORWARD~PLEASE NETWORK as quickly as possible on behalf of the darling dogs and
puppies in danger at Upson County Animal Control in Thomaston GA.  Sponsorship amounts have been updated!

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Date: Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 8:49 AM
Subject: FW: !!!Upson Shelter Thomaston DESPERATE -OVER CAPACITY STILL BEGGING!!! GREAT $$$ GREAT DOGS Need help today!!!!!

There are dogs that are not even pictures yet. .Still begging for help.. Come on and help, please??????? Is there no one for any of these great dogs? Better   sponsorships too!  Thanks for crossposting..Hope
CONTACT SHELTER:  706-647-5586    
CONTACT:  PEGGY FERRELL    CELL  (706) 975-5824
CONTACT:  HOPE MASTER 904-797-9402
Terry #15-0722$   URGENT 145 SPONSOR Only about 20 lbs.. Young male hound mix(unknown) Nice younger pup picked up stray, walks on lead,........Avail 6/24
Shye- #15-0676 URGENT  $265 SPONSOR     Young female hound mix of about 30-35 lbs.   picked up stray ,does good with other dogs, but a little timid with people Avail 6/12
Gigi #15-0686  URGENT  $300 SPONSOR Female  Retriever mix-   40 lbs Very friendly  and sweet....needs some work- not good on a lead, needs socializing with other dogs but what a happy girl –she deserves a chance... Please give her one!!!!
Vicki #15-0699 $185 SPONSOR  Lab pit mix  45 lbs .Young female High energy, sweet dog, does ok on a lead......Avail 6/15
Big Man and Nem #15-07907-0709,0710  $355 SPONSOR for the 3 Nice male Lab mix dad with 2 pups, 1 male and 1 female.....Avail 6/16 Mother is in the shelter too. Has had enough of the puppies .Will post soon!
Dirk- -#15-0714  $375 SPONSOR  Beagle spaniel mix Great young dog, good with dogs, walks on lead.......Avail 6/23
Buckey #15-0715 $350 SPONSOR   4 years old and 35lbs.  Pure Bred Male Beagle Nice dog, plays well with others, walks on lead, minor skin issues.........Avail 6/17
Whip #15-0716  $330 SPONSOR  1 year old and 25 lbs...Pure Bred Male Beagle Nice active dog, good on lead, plays well with others.........Avail 6/17
New Harmony #15-0684 and #15- 0685 $303 SPONSOR  Young hound mixes only about 20 lbs. each... –I female and I male picked up together-Please save together. Looks like they love each other!
 Earl- #15-0688 $153  SPONSOR Young cute Male Pit Bull mix 40 lbs. friendly dog picked up stray-Please help him to stay alive!!!!!Such a happy boy! He loves life!
Lacie #15- $160 SPONSOR   mix-ALREADY SPAYEDAND CHIPPED  Nice dog, very friendly........Avail 6/17
Beavy Smith #15-0726  $150 SPONSOR Sharpei/Pit Bull  mix about 45lbs.  Adult Female Nice dog, good on a lead and with other dogs as well as cats........Avail 6/24
Shane  #15-0727  $150   SPONSOR    Pit Bull/ Catahoula unknown mix  45 lbs.. Blue eyes   Young male, good on lead, good with kids, needs socializing with other dogs.....Avail 6/18
Betty and Bonnie #15-0728-0729 Momma Pit bull mix  2 years old and 35 lbs. and 10 week old puppy looks like a lab  15 lbs. picked up as strays -both appear to be friendlyPlease begging to help these 2!  
Iggy and Biggy #15-0730 and 15-0731 Young hound mixes 20 lbs .each..– 1 F and 1 male very friendly and playful, one is always with the other, most of the time the male is following the female......Would like to keep them together....Totally precious!
Ansley  #15-0736 Shepherd mix Male  Seasoned stray -friendly dog has been hanging around for quite a while, looking for an actual owner- What a handsome guy! Needs someone who will be responsible!