Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wharton TX: So Far So Good...

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Date: Jun 16, 2015 11:52 AM
Subject: So Far So Good...

Gilda says, "We're all doing fine so far...
Tropical Storm Bill made landfall two hours ago at Port O'Connor,
which is south and west of here.
We did not get the overnight rain which had been predicted.
It did not start to rain here until about 10:00 am today.
And so far, that has only been a mild sprinkling rain that starts and stops.
It is actually not raining at all right now.
I have seen all the multi-colored 'rain bands" on TV
and according to that, we should be awash in rain!
But we aren't!
Praise God!
Wharton is not flooding or even close to it.
We have had more rain than normal this year,
but nothing like San Antonio, Austin or Dallas.
Wharton has not had the saturation of the soil
witnessed in other Texas regions.
The pictures on the television show that the storm is moving quickly
and should soon be past us.
We are praying that this storm will completely miss us,
as it has so far.
We are grateful to God for protecting us again!
By the way,,,
You know,  I am waiting for a great family
who will appreciate a sweet, older girl like me!
And so are many of my friends here at the farm.
Could your rescue help us find some good homes?
Please contact Melody at senexmel22@aol.com
if your group could partner with us to help us dogs find families.
Thank You!"