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Wyoming: UPDATE. Out of State Temporary Foster Homes Urgently Needed for 6 Dogs! RE: Emergency! Owned Huskies & Husky mixes in DANGER from State and Neighbor

Danya said the owner found an attorney. Danya said she would issue an update today 6/27. I will add it here when I see it.
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On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 10:32 PM, Pangaya Wolf <> wrote,:
Wyoming Updates, we have ordered DNA tests for 2 of them. And they will take too long, so we need temporary places for them out of state until DNA tests come back, please crosspost.  Thank you

Danya Leshick, Director, Where Wolves Rescue.
6/21 POST 
Owned dogs are being threatened!
Please help!
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Date: 4:04PM, Sat, Jun 20, 2015
Subject: Wyoming emergency! please cross post!
Wolf dogs are illegal in Wyoming (any and all). These DOGS (pics attached) live in Wyoming. A neighbor has complained to fish and game who are apparently very, uh, dense, in this state (not the brightest bulbs on the block), last year 2 of them got out and the neighbor "said" they shot them, game and fish "said" they DNA tested em and (?)said they were GSD's... owner never saw her dogs, nor did she see any evidence that the dogs shot were hers nor did she see the dead dogs. Her dogs had collars and dog licences, supposedly the dogs that were shot did not. 
Meanwhile this small pack of dogs is being threatened by game and fish. They wish to confiscate them to do 3 x-rays each on them to determine if they are wolf dogs, and the owner thinks they will kill them and never return them, no matter what they are. I don't disagree with her. She works 2 jobs in CODY WY, she is trying to find an attorney with not much luck. (Dog law in Cody???) She would like to have a back-up plan to get them to safety while she tries a wisdom panel 3 DNA test. If a DNA test came back all dog (and they look like huskies and are no more than 45 lbs she says) she would have great evidence in her favor. She has until the 11th of July to accomplish this (DNA tests and an attorney) meanwhile it looks tight for time. She would like potential options to save her dogs even temporary foster homes out of Wyoming until the problem can be resolved. Those of you who claim blood tests are inconclusive, that fact may be completely irrelevant. And if the DNA tests say they are all dog, then that would be in her favor. And yes we know wisdom panel is based on algorithms. I have had many DNA tests done on dogs and wolf dogs alike (with great satisfaction mind you). ANY ONE WITH IDEAS, SOLUTIONS OR A PLACE FOR A FEW DOGS TO GO WHILE THIS IS SORTED OUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
I am sorry the pics are in a wide angle format, so far we haven't found a solution for that.
The dogs appear to be huskies or husky mixes. All are gentle and friendly. Spayed and neutered, vaccinated and licensed as dog mixes in her county. HER CONTACT PHONE NUMBER IS 307-271-2403 SHE HAS SPOTTY INTERNET ACCESS AT BEST.
Danya Leshick, Director, Where Wolves Rescue.
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