Thursday, July 23, 2015

Arlington TX: Needs rescue/adopt ASAP, "Visa" the Sweet 5yo Lab Mix whose Owner Died

 Visa is sad and alone in home that will soon be sold, neutered, house-trained.
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Date: Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 10:03 AM
Subject: Arlington, TX: Desperate! Such a Sad Face!! "Visa", Sweet 5yo Lab Mix, Owner Died, All alone in home that will soon be sold, Needs rescue/adopt ASAP, Neutered, House trained, Please cross post

When I asked about Visa's response to dogs & cats, Maudia emailed the following:

"Kelly, Visa, is so calm, there is a cat that comes into his yard often, he just looks at the cat, no reaction to the cat. There is a dog that is next door to Visa, he sits at the fence and just looks at the dog. Visa, appears to be calm and attempting to figure out what has happened in his world."
Please cross post for Visa. The family is desperate to find a home for him. He is all alone at the house and time is running out as they will soon have to put the house on the market.

If anyone can take this sweet, heartbroken boy, please contact: 
Maudia L. GentryTelephone - (817) 417-6440Cell - (214) 801-8399Email -   (at

Visa needs a home!! His heart is broken, he's all alone, and he's losing everything familiar to him. Visa's owner recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. Visa was his constant companion. Now he is living alone at the home he once shared with his dad and the only companionship he has is the neighbors and family checking in on him on every day. His house has always been full of love. Now it is empty and quiet and Visa is grieving the loss of his beloved dad. Soon, he will not even have his home because the family must sell it and he has nowhere to go when that happens.

Visa is a neutered, five-year old lab mix (per adoption papers).  He is about 55-60 pounds.  He is house trained. He is very calm and polite. Maudia says he always comes to the fence to be petted when she goes to the house to feed him. He was much loved and has been well cared for. He is a shelter adoptee and was very attached to his dad. Maudia can provide all his vet records.

Visa got his name because his master paid for his adoption via his Visa card.  As Maudia said, that fact may be of little relevance to anyone, but it provides a bit of comic relief to an otherwise tragic and heartbreaking situation.
If anyone can take this sweet, heartbroken boy, please contact:
Maudia L. GentryTelephone - (817) 417-6440Cell - (214) 801-8399Email -   (at