Tuesday, July 14, 2015

El Campo TX: Adopter fries kitten's toes--Oliver needs help! (El Campo, TX shelter)

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From: Gail C
Date: 7:14PM, Tue, Jul 14, 2015
Subject: FW: Adopter fries kitten's toes: Oliver needs help! (El Campo, TX shelter)

Poor baby !!!!   Please L@@K.....Please forward far & wide...
transport to DFW this weekend is available

From: "Kelsey, Alexandra" <Alexandra.Kelsey@bgllp.com>
Date: July 14, 2015 at 4:14:46 PM CDT
CONTACT: "mjurasek@cityofelcampo.org" <mjurasek@cityofelcampo.org>
Subject: Adopter fries kitten's toes: Oliver needs help! (El Campo, TX shelter)

Oliver was a darling, tiny orange kitten, as you can see in his pictures.  Of course he got adopted…..he's darling!  But, two weeks later, the wonderful person who adopted Oliver brought in a kitten.  Couldn't be the same baby…the person must have found another orange kitten, this one in horrible shape.  But, guess what?  No…you aren't surprised.  The person brought Oliver back.  Covered in fleas to the point of hair loss, a chunk of fur missing off one leg, toes burned from being on something very hot.  I can't really imagine what story you could come up with to describe that, but Oliver is back at the shelter and he urgently needs out!  He cries pitifully for Megan, and her heart is breaking for this baby. 

Please contact Megan at the shelter if you can help.  Transport to DFW this weekend is available.

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