Monday, July 27, 2015

Griffin GA-Fox is a baby of one~She is a Griffin GA "Mud Dog"--she needs YOU urgently!

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Date: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 11:52 AM
Subject: Griffin GA-Fox is a baby of one~She is a Griffin GA "Mud Dog"--she needs YOU urgently!
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Please crosspost~please forward~please network on behalf of little Foxy who is in urgent need of rescue in Griffin GA- Foxy is a baby of one--she has never played in a yard-she has never taken a walk-she has never snuggled next to anyone on a couch--she has never had a toy-she has never eaten a dog cookie-she has lived all her life in a squalid pen, filled with mud and feces.  She has slept in a barrel, which fills with mud when it rains. 

This is Fox:
This is Foxy's home--the only home she has ever known-the home where she was born, where she spent all her
puppy days, surrounded by 37 other dogs in the same deplorable conditions:
Fox is one of the Griffin GA "Mud Dogs"--the barrel in the picture is the only house that Foxy has
ever known.  When the rain comes, Fox's pen and the barrel that is her shelter fill with mud. 
She has never had a bath.
Fox's owners reached out for help and their dogs have been helped by Georgia Watchdog--
many have been rescued.  The owners were ordered to have all of the dogs moved by
July 22nd--however, through the advocacy of GA Watchdog the dogs remaining without
rescue were given a reprieve until AUGUST 14TH!  All of the dogs must be removed from
the property before August 14th! 
Fox needs a new home--she has always needed a new home--she needed a new home
on the day she was born, and on every day since.

Please help Fox.  She is a red beagle mix with white markings.  She is only a puppy still,
about a year old.  She is current on her DHLPP, rabies and bordetella vaccines and is
heartworm negative.

If you are a rescue and are willing to help:
please email Georgia Watchdog   (at gawatchdog.  com)ASAP.
If you would like to know more about the "Griffin Mud Dogs" and see other dogs still
in need of rescue, please click on the link below:
Please visit the facebook page:
The Griffin "Mud Dogs" are not in the care of Griffin County AC--they are not in the shelter--9 of them remain on the owners'property and need RESCUE urgently.