Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: Jezebel the Great Pyrenees / Catahoula - 3 years old is being turned in tomorrow!

Marcella reports that the owners found a rescuer to take Jezebel. Hooray. Thanks to all who crossposted for her.
Earlier today

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Subject: Houston, TX - Jezebel the Great Pyr./Catahoula - 3 years old is being turned in tomorrow!

I've tried for a couple of months to get her adopted.  The inlaws want Jezzie OUT of their house where Jezzie's owners are living, too.  The inlaws have let it drag on for these 2 months but NO MORE!  She is a beautiful and nice girl!  Can someone help with boarding at least until we can find her a new home?  She's gotten a lot of interest.  It just takes the right ONE.  Boarding would help us by giving us the critical TIME we need to continue the search for her new parents.  PLEASE HELP!  PLEASE SHARE!

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