Thursday, July 16, 2015

Houston TX: Rescue, adoption, and/or boarding donations needed for strays Emma & Bruno---Finder has no money left for boarding

Veronica gave permission to blog her urgent appeal for suitable placement(s) for two found dogs. 
Bruno and Emma have been shared many times in various threads on Facebook since Mother's Day but no rescuers have stepped up. Please adopt, foster, rescue, donate for boarding, or network via email, phone, or social media if you can.

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From: veronica lacayo <>
Date: Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 1:03 PM
They need all help we can get, home, donations, any help!

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015
Subject: Emma and Bruno

...I am in desperate need of finding a place for 2 dogs I found on mother's day.  I had them in my garage for a while then had to board them because my husband said enough. Now Bruno has to go somewhere else because he jumped the 5 foot fence at the boarding facility and lady had a hard time getting him and she's afraid he will do it again. I don't know where to go.
Bruno is about 5-6 years old, Border Collie mix, neutered, microchiped and all shots up to date.  Hw positive which he has started the slow kill treatment and I have medicine for the next 6 months.  About 55lbs, very laid back, seems good with kids, not sure about other dogs and takes him a little to warm up to men. He had a nasty old rusted chain around his neck and had a female pit mix tagging along with him. He is now clear of the mange.
Emma pit mix, about 1-2 years old. About 45 lb,  spayed, microchiped and all shots,  hw negative. Energy of a puppy.  She doesn't seem to like kids or at least my 2 year old grandbaby when I am holding her.
I don't think neither one of them have been really socialized but mistreated by their human family.  They were in bad shape when I rescued them. I have been trying to find someone who can help them and nothing.  I am out of money and no place for them especially Bruno,  Emma is ok at boarding but now out of funds. I am desperate for them because they won't make it at a shelter and my heart can't do that either. Can you please help us out? 
...If you can please help me in any way you can contact me at 832-453-2888 or email me.