Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Memphis TN: Jay the handsome Lab mix puppy needs new home!

Jane granted permission to blog for Jay the Puppy
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Hello All,
This beautiful Lab mix needs another home.  See email below from Jane who is willing to get shots and have him neutered.   
Please send to your contacts.  Jay deserves a loving home, instead of a life on a chain.   Contact Jane at (901) 674-1702.
Thank you.

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They call him Jay.  This is the sweetest dog.  Nothing but pure love. Beautiful glossy fur. Approx. 4 1/2 months old.  He may weigh 35 lbs.
Has small feet - mostly lab mix.  I had never met him until today  and he just came to me with tail wagging.  The owners do not have a fenced yard and have health problems.  As I told you I will take care of shots and  vet expenses.
Thanks you for your help. 
Jane (901) 674-1702