Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Memphis TN: SOS! Long list of dogs to be killed at MAS effective 7/16 6:45 PM unless committed adopter or rescue

#A278994 at Memphis Animal ShelterPhoto by Memphis Pets Alive!

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The "two photographed above" items mentioned in Leslie's email did not display or get attached to the email.

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From: Beverly King <>
Date: Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 1:54 PM
Subject: Fw: EMERGENCY!! Please network like mad
Please send to contacts and post on Facebook!  There are some real nice dogs on the list, small and large!

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sent out to everyone.   why did they wait so long to put out this kill list?   We need at least a few days to find rescue, raise funds for vetting/transport/Foster etc.

Subject: Please network like mad
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015

MAS has nominated a long list of dogs for euthanasia if they do not have committed adopter or rescue by TOMORROW, Thursday, July 16 by 6:45 pm.  The list or a version of it was published last night with the new photos on Pets Alive.  I have copied it below.  Most of the ones on this list are lab mixes  from 3 months old to 1 year and cute as bugs.   I visited MAS on Saturday, and these dogs are all perfect pet potential.    Please rescuers, step up for these babies.  If out of town rescuers need an agent on the ground here, I will be glad to help physically and financially with pulling, arranging boarding and transport.  

I visited the two photographed above.  I believe they are brothers, not only because they look alike, but because they were taken in and processed at the same time.  They are small (top of heads at my knee), very gentle, cautious at first and then leaning in and giving baby kisses.  They have very slender and rather rectangular bodies— no curvy and muscular pitty parts.  

List:  Most of the dogs photos (3 or 4 each) can be found on the Memphis Pets Alive dogs album for 7/7/15 below.

A278902 lab mix hw neg       
A278994 lab mix hw neg       (heart shape face markings 6 months)
A278998 lab mix hw neg        (light gold, fluffy)
A279003 lab mix hw neg        (gold, 7 mos. Very waggy and pert)
A278963 lab mix hw neg      (beautiful rangy red 6 mos.)
A278842 lab/terrier mix hw neg
A279208 lab mix hw neg
A279152 lab mix hw neg    (photo above, ears erect)
A279152 lab mix hw neg    (photo above, ears out to side)
A278743 Rottie hw neg
A278918 lab mix hw neg  (black, 2 years, surrendered by soldier going overseas, very sweet)
A279233 pit bull hw test pending

Please, please network, these tykes have only a day left!

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