Sunday, July 12, 2015

Orlando-Kissimmee FL area: GOOD NEWS RE: Rescue needed ASAP for hearing-impaired male stray long-haired Tortoiseshell

On Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 6:39 AM, Jeannie Colaizzi <> wrote:
Hello team!

> Update!!! I had help rescuing all 5 cats. I have paid for all of the to be spayed/ neutered, shots and test.
> The update is:
> The deaf male cat is actually a female ( LOL) I thought so..unfortunately she is not only deaf but partially blind. Although has no other diseases!! She is able to find me and food! She is very sweet and snuggly. Currently she is in a foster home with other disabled cat and we are interviewing perspective forever homes. Many people offered to adopt we are just finding the right home.

> The mom test are also negative, we are happy about that! She is with a foster mom : Trish (her kitten too) the happy news is she loves being scratched and hugged and will make a get pet. We are hoping to find a home for her.
> The kittens go to the vets today, we have offers for several groups to get them adopted but we are being cautious. They all love to play and be touched. Out little stripped cat ( I named scardy cat )  is a snuggle bunny !! More to come after their vet visit today.
> I am including their pictures in case  you have a home that would be good for them.

Thanks for all your help!!

7/8/15 POST
On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 4:48 PM, Jeannie Colaizzi <> wrote:
Just an update. Thanks to Andrea, Trish Hartman and Donna help me trap the ALL cats last night. The deaf male cat was easy we picked him up and put him in the crate. Tomorrow they will all be vetted, spayed/neutered, shots and checked out. The deaf male has a home to go to, he will not go to "puffy paws cat haven" but to a lady who will take good care of him. The kittens will go to "Royal Animal rescue" who will get them adopted next week ( unless someone takes them before next week) Now we just need a home for Mom. she is beautiful. She was very calm in the trap, we will know more about her personally tomorrow after the vet and when the people helping me get more time with her.

Thanks to everyone with the help! Just one to go!!! Keep praying! 

Jeannie Colaizzi
Cell: (412) 508-4699

7/4/15 POST
Jeannie reported the daddy has rescue/forever home commitment from PuffyPawsKittyHaven in Englewood FL! Yay! Thanks for crossposting. The mom & 3 kittens still need rescue.
7/3 POST
Note: See also his lady friend & 3 kittens' urgent post.

To rescue him, contact Good Samaritan Jeannie at or (412) 508-4699
On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 5:48 AM, Michelle Cubbage <> wrote:
Hello all
This young male cat is deaf and living outside.  He is in need of immediate rescue, foster or adoption.  His disability does not stop him from finding his food and water (when he has it) and he responds to vibrations.  However he is at the mercy of everything and everyone around him since he cannot hear.  He is a very gentle cat, not an alpha personality. He also gets along well with other cats and dogs.

He is located in the Kissimmee area and transportation can be arranged if needed.  Someone please take him in so that he does not become prey living outside.
Thank you very much for caring and please share with your network to get him safe.
Have a great holiday weekend
Here is the contact information
Jeannie Colaizzi