Monday, July 6, 2015

Smithtown, Long Island, NY: GOOD NEWS! RE: Two young lap cats Need Safe Haven. Domestic Violence Case!

I noticed on Facebook per Diane and Trudy that the two are being rescued by a group on Long Island but I don't know which one. Thank you to all who crossposted for them.
7/3 POST

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July 3, 2015
Smithtown, Long Island, NY **Only One Year Olds...Domestic Violence Case...Owner forced to Move where she cannot take the cats now...
They have until MONDAY JULY 6!! From Diane Madden:
"S.O.S.!! (Smithtown, NY) Most rescuers would agree, no matter where you travel, animals in urgent need seem to find you. I made a stop on my way to eastern LI, only to observe two gorgeous, long haired beauties running around a Smithtown neighborhood (literally dodging cars on a busy street!). As it turns out, t...heir owner is relocating this Monday, finding refuge from a domestic violence situation. She has been caring for these two cats since their birth (May 2014) and devastated that the safe place she has found for her children will not accept her fur-babies. They've been spay/neutered, but she's exhausted every possibility to find a safe place for them. Please, share these siblings. They're only ONE year old and highly adoptable with their fuzz-ball tails, but cannot compete with "kittens" and holiday timing is against them, too. They love to be held like babies. Please, help find a safe HOME OR reputable organization that will promote these angels and carefully screen for the best "INDOOR ONLY" homes possible.
Contact Diane Madden PLEASE!
This is a tough weekend to place such an urgent case~! SWEET HEART Kitties…True Lap cats!!